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Peter F. Drucker may be best known as a writer on business and management but these subjects were not his foremost intellectual concern. Druckers primary concerns were community in which the individual has status and society in which the individual has function. Here he has assembled selections from his vast writings on these subjects. This collection presents the full range of Druckers thought on community society and political structure and constitutes an ideal introduction to his ideas.The volume is divided into seven parts. The selections in parts 1 and 2 were mostly written during World War Two and in the wake of the Great Depression. Part 3 deals with the limits of governmental competence in the social and economic realm. It contains some of Druckers most influential writings concerned with the difference between big government and effective government. The chapters in part 4 explore autonomous centers of power outside government and within society. Part 5 contains chapters from Druckers pathbreaking work on the corporation as a social organization rather than merely an economic one. The rise of the socalled knowledge industries forms the background for part 6. The concluding part 7 is devoted entirely to Druckers long essay The Next Society. Drucker examines the emergence of new institutions and new theories arising from the information revolution and the social changes they are helping to bring about.In organizing these representative writings Drucker chose to be topical rather than chronological with each excerpt presenting a basic theme of his lifes work. As is characteristic of his efforts A Functioning Society appeals both the general reader as well as a crossdisciplinary scholarly readership.Introduction: Community Society PolityPart 1: Foundations1. From Rousseau to Hitler2. The Conservative CounterRevolution of 17763. A Conservative ApproachPart 2: The Rise of Totalitarianism4. The Return to Demons5. The Failure of MarxismPart 3: The Sickness of Government6. From Nation State to Megastate7. The Sickness of Government8. No More Salvation by SocietyPart 4: The New Pluralism9. The New Pluralism10. Towards a Theory of Organizations11. The Society of OrganizationsPart 5: The Corporation asa Social Institution12. The Governance of Corporations13. The Corporation as a Social Institution14. The Corporation as a Political InstitutionPart 6: The Knowledge Society15. The New Worldview16. From Capitalism to the Knowledge Society17. The Productivity of the Knowledge Worker18. From Information to CommunicationPart 7: The Next Society19. The Next Society

Data Publikacji: 2002-11-30
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