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L. Helm Matthew


John Wiley &: Sons

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Do you rummage through your grandmother′:s attic for pictures of old relatives? Have you ever wondered where your family came from? Would you like to know if you and someone famous share a common great–:great grandparent? If you′:ve answered yes to any of these questions you might be an amateur genealogist without even knowing it!<:br />: <:br />: Genealogical programs like Family Tree Maker are widely available and do not require any special training to use. That′:s right –:–: with a PC a computer program and an interest in discovering your roots you can begin tracing your family′:s history from its early years to today. Along the way you just might visit exotic lands meet famous relatives or dabble in a foreign language!<:br />: <:br />: Family Tree Maker For Dummies is your guide to getting the most out of today′:s most popular genealogy software on the market. Begin by investigating the many features Family Tree Maker offers all budding genealogists. Find out what you need to get underway and how to start recording data you have collected. The book helps you create an investigation strategy that taps into close (and distant) relatives high–:tech resources and other genealogists from around the world! You can also explore options for presenting your completed family tree from including photos and video in the final product to making copies for relatives. Family Tree Maker For Dummies makes preserving vital family records a fun and rewarding experience.Covers all versions of Family Tree Maker <:p>:Concrete examples show you how the software works<:/p>: <:p>:Become the family history detective and untangle the branches of your family tree! In this friendly guide two genealogy pros show you step–:by–:step how to make the most of today′:s most popular genealogical software. From building your family history database and swapping research on the Web to finding the perfect design for your family tree they deliver just what you need to become your family′:s official historian.<:/p>: <:p>:Discover how to: Research more effectively using genealogical databases Customize the look of your family tree Share family research on the Web Enhance your records with multimedia features Preserve vital family records permanently<:/p>: <:p>:The Dummies Way<:sup>: <:/sup>: Explanations in plain English 'Get in get out' information Icons and other navigational aids Tear–:out cheat sheet Top ten lists A dash of humor and fun<:/p>: <:p>:Get smart! www.dummies.com Register to win cool prizes Browse exclusive articles and excerpts Get a free Dummies Daily<:sup>: <:/sup>: e–:mail newsletter Chat with authors and preview other books Talk to us ask questions get answers<:/p>:Covers all versions of Family Tree Maker <:p>:Concrete examples show you how the software works<:/p>: <:

Data Publikacji: 1999-12-16
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