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Franklin Margaret


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In contrast to earlier scholars who have seen Boccaccios Famous Women as incoherent and fractured Franklin argues that the text offers a remarkably consistent coherent and comprehensible treatise concerning the appropriate functioning of women in society. In this cross disciplinary study of a seminal work of literature and its broader cultural impact on Renaissance society Franklin shows that through both literature and the visual arts Famous Women was used to promote social ideologies in both Renaissance Tuscany and the dynastic courts of northern Italy. Speaking equally to scholars in medieval and early modern literature history and art history Franklin brings needed clarification to the text by demonstrating that the moral criteria Boccaccio used to judge the lives of legendary women heroines and miscreants alike were employed consistently to tackle the challenge that politically powerful women represented for the prevailing social order. Further the author brings to light the significant influence of Boccaccios text on the representation of classical heroines in Renaissance art. By examining several paintings created in the republics and principalities of Renaissance Italy Franklin demonstrates that Famous Women was employed as a conceptual guide by patrons and artists to draw the teeth from the challenge of unconventionally powerful women by coopting their stories into the service of contemporary Italian standards and mores.Contents: Introduction: Authorial intent: A bad example: Famous Women in Renaissance Tuscany: Famous Women and famous women: Boccaccio and the court consorts: Conclusion: Select bibliography: Index.Franklin follows her discussion of Boccaccios work with a historical analysis of both texts and images influenced by it during the fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries showing how different circumstances and audiences led to different interpretations of these female heroines. Richly researched and clearly written and accompanied by illustrations of the images discussed Boccaccios Heroines offers a fine contribution to Boccaccio studies and womens studies for both students and scholars. Professor Janet L. Smarr UC San Diego USA Boccaccios Heroines is thoroughly researched clearly presented and accompanied by eighteen blackandwhite illustrations that offer significant visual evidence for the discussion. It is a welcome contribution to Boccaccio studies and to the study of Renaissance art and will be useful to both students and scholars in a variety of disciplines. Sixteenth Century Journal One book that stands out is Margaret Franklins Boccaccios Heroines. This volume which includes Italian literature art history gender studies cultural history is a solid contribution to Boccaccio studies...Franklins book will benefit students of Boccaccios De mulieribus claris and can also serve as a tool for scholars of early modern Italian culture especially those interested in gende

Data Publikacji: 2006-02-08
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