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A Criminological Imagination contains a selection of key articles from Pat Carlens research studies of magistrates courts and womens imprisonment together with a range of other articles on social control discourse analysis ideology punishment criminology and critique. They are all informed by an assumption that while criminal justice must remain imaginary in societies based upon unequal and exploitative social relations one task of a criminological imagination might be to suggest why this is so and how things could be otherwise. This is an invaluable collection for anyone interested in crime justice and injustice and the social political and academic contexts in which knowledge of them is constructed.Contents: Introduction: Published writings: Part I Discourse/Ideology/Social Control: The staging of magistrates justice: Magistrates courts: a game theoretic analysis: Remedial routines for the maintenance of control in magistrates courts: Official discourse (with F. Burton): Controlling measures: the repackaging of commonsense opposition to womens imprisonment in England and Canada: Imaginary penalities and riskcrazed governance. Part II Women/Prisons/Punishment: Virginia criminology and the antisocial control of women: Papas discipline: an analysis of disciplinary modes in the Scottish womens prison: Why study womens imprisonment? Or anyone elses?: On rights and powers: some notes on penal politics: Crime inequality and sentencing: Underclass crime and imprisonment: the continuing need for agendas of utopianism abolitionism and socialism in criminology and criminal justice: Death and the triumph of governance? Lessons from the Scottish womens prison: Imprisonment and the penal body politic: the cancer of disciplinary governance: Analyzing womens imprisonment: abolition and its enemies. Part III Feminism/Criminology/Critique: Against the politics of sex discrimination: for the politics of difference and a womenwise approach to sentencing: Criminal women and criminal justice: the limits to and potential of feminist and left realist perspectives: Criminology Ltd: the search for a paradigm: Critical criminology? In praise of an oxymoron and its enemies: Official discourse comic relief and the play of governance: Name Index.Pat Carlen is Visiting Professor of Criminology at Kent University and EditorinChief British Journal of Criminology.

Data Publikacji: 2010-07-28
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