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Levy Allison


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Whereas recent studies of early modern widowhood by social economic and cultural historians have called attention to the often ambiguous yet also often empowering experience and position of widows within society Widowhood and Visual Culture in Early Modern Europe is the first book to consider the distinct and important relationship between ritual and representation. The fifteen new interdisciplinary essays assembled here read widowhood as a catalyst for the production of a significant body of visual materialrepresentations of for and by widows whether through traditional media such as painting sculpture and architecture or through the socalled minor arts including popular print culture medals religious and secular furnishings and ornament costume and gift objects in early modern Austria England France Germany Italy and Spain. Arranged thematically this unique collection allows the reader to recognize and appreciate the complexity and contradiction iconicity and mutability and timelessness and timeliness of widowhood and representation.Contents: Widows peek: Looking at ritual and representation Allison Levy: Representing widowhood: mourning models: Widowhood was the time of her greatest perfection: Ideals of widowhood and sanctity in Florentine art Catherine Lawless: Memento Mori: Death widowhood and remembering in early modern England J. S. W. Helt: Mourning widows: Portraits of widows and widowhood in funeral sermons from BrunswickWolfenbuettel Marina Arnold: Representing widowhood: fashionable choices: Casting her widowhood: Contemporary and posthumous portraits of Caterina Sforza Joyce de Vries: A widows tears a Queens ambition: The variable history of Marie de Mędiciss bereavement: Elizabeth McCartney: Conceptualizing the Kaiserinwitwe: Empress Maria Theresia and her portraits Michael E. Yonan: Widowhood and representation: building memories: Individual fame and family honor: The tomb of Dogaressa Agnese da Mosto Venier Holly S. Hurlburt: Margaret of Austria and the encoding of power in patronage: The Funerary Foundation at Brou Laura D. Gelfand: A widow building in Elizabethan England: Bess of Hardwick at Hardwick Hall Sara French: Constructing convents in 16thcentury Castile: Toledan widows and patterns of patronage Stephanie Fink De Backer: Widowhood and representation: constructing histories: Trecento Rome: The poetics and politics of widowhood Cristelle L. Baskins: Framing widows: Mourning gender and portraiture in early modern Florence Allison Levy: Contested narratives: Elisabeth of Austria and a relic of St Leopold Amelia Carr: Afterword: Last rites: mourning identities (?) Allison Levy: Index.'P>Prize: Winner of the Society for the Study of Early Modern Women Award for a collaborative project published in 2003. '/P>'P>These essays by promising young scholars open new angles of vision on the experiences and representations of widowhood in early modern culture. The collecti

Data Publikacji: 2003-05-13
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