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''Rudolf Graf and William Sheets have written a book containing twenty lowpower (LP) transmitter projects perfect for the electronics hobbyist and radio experimenter. Now that the FCC has changed its regulations about pirate transmissions more and more people are setting up radio and video stations for broadcast from their homes. Build Your Own LowPower Transmitters addresses applications for hobbyist broadcasting of AM SSB TV FM Stereo and NBFM VHFUHF signals with equipment the reader can build himself for thousands of dollars less than similar equipment sold on the retail market. The authors also fully explore the legal limits and ramifications of using the equipment as well as how to get the best performance for optimum range. The key advantage is referencing a lowcost source for all needed parts including the printed circuit board as well as the kit.'/' ''Projects in the book include: LP FM stereo transmitter: digitally synthesized PLL FM stereo transmitter: LP AM transmitter for 1501710 KHz: radio control transmitter/receiver: carrier current transmitter and AM and FM receivers: LP VHF oneway and twoway audio links: 1watt 40meter CW transmitter for ham radio use: SSB LP transmitter for 10meter ham radio use: 2meter VHF FM ham radio transmitter: FM video link for 900 MHz NTSC/PAL operation: 2watt TV transmitters for 440 900 and 1300 MHz amateur TV NTSC/PAL transmissions: linear amplifier for 440MHz 1015watt NTSC/PAL operation: Downconverters for 440 900 and 1300 MHz with VHF channel 3 or 4 output: TV video receiving systems and AMFM IF systems: LP video link for UHF channels 1418: 1watt CW beacon transmitter for Part 15 LF radio experimentation: CW identifier for transmitters: test equipment projects for LP transmitters: as well as an RF power meter and modulation monitor.'/' ''Complete source information will be included to help each reader find the kits and parts they need to build these fascinating projects.'/' 'br''br''ul''l'Unique among comparable project books this one offers a lowcost source for all parts including the printed circuit board. This allows immediate completion without needing to search for difficult to find parts'/l''l'Features twenty lowpower transmitter projects'/l''/ul'

Data Publikacji: 2001-08-24
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