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M. S. De Silva G.


Taylor and Francis

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Traceable calibration of test and measurement equipment is a requirement of the ISO 9000 series of standards. Basic Metrology for ISO 9000 Certification provides essential information for the growing number of firms registered for ISO 9000. Dr. G.M.S. de Silva who has a lifetime of experience in metrology and quality management fields condenses that knowledge in this valuable and practical workbook. The book provides a basic understanding of the principles of measurement and calibration of measuring instruments falling into the following fields: LengthAngle Mass Pressure Force Temperature and AC/DC Electrical quantities. Basic concepts and definitions ISO 9001 requirements and uncertainty determinations are also included.Requirements of ISO 9000 standards for test andmeasuring equipmentEvolution of ISO 9000 standardsRequirements of ISO 9001: 2000 Fundamental concepts of measurementFundamental conceptsLinear and angular measurementsCalibration of dimensional standards andmeasuring instruments Measurement of angleMass measurementsPrimary standard and SI unitsSecondary and working standardsMass and weightMass standards types and classesIndustrial weighing systemsAccuracy classes of balancesCalibration of balancesPressure measurementsSI and other unitsAbsolute gauge and differential pressure modesPrimary standardsSpinning ball gauge standardSecondary standardsWorking standardsPressure measuring instrumentsCalibration of pressure standards and instrumentsMeasurement of force SI and other units Primary standard Secondary standards Force measuring instruments Calibration of force standards and test instruments Measurement of temperature SI units Thermodynamic scale Practical temperature scales International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS90)Industrial thermometers 135Calibration of thermometers Electrical measurement standards SI units Primary standardsSecondary standardsWorking standardsCalibration of a multifunction calibratorCalibration of multimeters and other instrumentsUncertainty of measurements Basic concepts Recommendations of the ISO guide Examples of uncertainty calculations..provides essential information for the growing number of firms registered for ISO 9000......Dr de Silva has condensed his wealth of experience into this practical and essential workbook.Quality World May 2002For people who know little about calibrating temperature sensors this publication is well worth purchasing.Mike Trim Isothermal Technology Ltd

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