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J. H. Beldman David


Bloomsbury Publishing (UK)


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David J. H. Beldman is an Associate Professor of Religion and Theology at Redeemer University College Canada.Russell L. Meek is Assistant Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew Louisiana College USA.Presents a comprehensive list of bibliographical references for EcclesiastesClassification system presents genres of work (e.g. commentary: textcritical monograph) as well as key themes within the text itself (e.g. joy: sexuality)Covers full range of texts from wide time period and across different genresRussell L. Meek is Adjunct Instructor at Moody Theological Seminary USA.David Beldman is Associate Professor of Religion and Theology at Redeemer University College Canada.This volume is a comprehensive listing of bibliographical references to writings on the book of Ecclesiastes beginning from 1900. Rather than being presented in alphabetical order these references are classified according to genre chapter subject and theme: among the myriad of classifications are biblical theology commentaries death and the afterlife God/the divine joy language sexuality structure and wisdom.These classifications have been selected by specialists of Ecclesiastes in order to guide scholars and researchers through the wealth of secondary material available and to prompt further research on the text. Through its collation of the incredible amount of bibliographical data on the book of Ecclesiastes this collection will prove a vital resource for those working on Ecclesiastes for years to come.Bibliographical references on this key Wisdom Literature text are presented according to a closely thoughtout system of classification to aid study and research.AcknowledgmentsPrefaceAbbreviations1. Authority/Kingship/Power 2. Biblical Theology 3. Canonicity/Canonization4. Ecclesiastes Chapter by Chapter5. Commentaries and Introductions 6. Death/The Afterlife7. Economics 8. Frame Narrator/Narrative 9. Genre 10. God/The Divine/Fear of the Lord11. Hebel 12. Humanity 13. History of Interpretation14. Humanity15. Interpreting Ecclesiastes as a Whole/Hermeneutical Issues 16. Joy/Enjoyment/Carpe Diem17. Language 18. Methodology 19. Philosophy 20. Rabbinic Literature (Midrashim Targumim)21. Retribution Theology22. Sexuality 23. Sitz im Leben (date setting authorship)24. Structure 25. Suffering 26. Time 27. Versions28. Wisdom/Pedagogy of the Wise/Wisdom SchoolsŁ 29. Women View of 30. WorkMeek and Beldmans stated goal is to make engagement with Ecclesiastes easier and more efficient and in that they succeed Summing Up: Recommended.A śmust have thoroughly useful resource for any student or scholar of Ecclesiastes/Qoheleth covering modern scholarship 19002015 and treating secondary literature on the book articles commentaries and books not just chapter by chapter but also theme by theme. This bibliography forms a companion to The Making of Many Books by Stuart Weeks (2014) which covered 15231875. Between them these two books h

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