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Dumitrascu Nicu


Bloomsbury Publishing (UK)


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Nicu Dumitrascu is professor of Patristics Mission and Ecumenism at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology at University of Oradea Romania.Offers the historical background to marriage and familyDiscusses the ecumenical issues related to mixed or interdenominational marriagesMakes a unique contribution to the discussion of family matters from various churches perspectivesNicu Dumitrascu is professor of Patristics Mission and Ecumenism at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology at University of Oradea Romania.This collection of essays integrates a broad spectrum of geographical denominational and interdisciplinary perspectives and analyses the relationship between family and religion in its various contexts both historical and contemporary.Divided into four key parts the contributors address first the biblical and patristic background of the family construct while the second part reveals denominational and ecumenical perspectives on marriage and the family. The third part sketches a sociological profile of the family in some European countries and addresses pastoral and sacramental issues connected with it. The final part places the Christian family in the context of contemporary society.Covers a variety of themes on the Christian family emphasizing its ecumenical contemporary and practical issues.Editors PrefaceIntroduction John McGuckinPART I1. The Synoptic Gospels and FamilyDaniel Ayuch University of Balamand Lebanon2. Pauline guidelines on Christian families in GrecoRoman social environmentMato Zovkic Sarajevo Theological Seminary BosniaHerzegovina3. The Christian family according to the Sacred Canons of the Orthodox ChurchElena Giannakopoulou National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Greece4. Glimpses into the Cappadocian FourthCentury Family by Gregory the theologianPablo Argarate University of Graz Austria5. The Christian Family and its problems in the light of St Basils canons a pastoral approach Viorel Sava Al.Ioan Cuza University of Iasi RomaniaPART II6. The Plan of God for Marriage and the Family. A RomanCatholic Perspective Jose R. Villar Universidad de Navarra Spain7. Marriage in the Catholic Church and the problems of interdenominational families Przemyslaw Kantyka John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin Poland8. Marriage and the Family between Tradition/traditions and contemporary life in Orthodox SpiritualityNicu Dumitrascu University of Oradea Romania9. Catholic and Lutheran Theology of Marriage. Differences and ResemblancesPiotr Kopiec John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin Poland10. Mixed Marriages in the Antiochian Orthodox Church: An Educational Approach to a Pastoral ChallengeBassam Nassif University of Balamand LebanonPART III11. The French Family in All Conditions: From the Best to the WorstMichel Cozic Centre Lenain de Tillemont France12. Families for Objects of Pastoral Care to Builders of Ecclesial Community?Thomas Knieps Port le Roi KU Leuven The Netherlands13. Families in Finland between Idealism and Practice Gunnar

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