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Andrew Mein is Lecturer in Old Testament at the University of Durham UK.Claudia V. Camp is Professor of Religion at Texas Christian University USA and was on the steering committee of the Seminar. She is currently cogeneral editor of the LHBOTS series as well as the author or editor of 4 books and numerous articles.Benjamin D. Giffone is Assistant Professor of Theology at LCC International University Lithuania and Research Associate at Stellenbosch University South Africa.Provides a synthesis of much of the literature published on this important tribe since the 1960sCompellingly reconstructs the Persian period with reference to the sociopolitical and economic battles of the timeUses an interdisciplinary approach in his study of Persian Yehud broadening appeal to biblical scholars with a focus on ancient Persia and political economyBenjamin D. Giffone is Assistant Professor of Theology at LCC International University Lithuania and Research Associate at Stellenbosch University South Africa.Benjamin is portrayed in Chronicles differently from how he is portrayed in the Deuteronomic History. In the latter Benjamins relation to Judah is shown as varied and complex incorporating both highs and lows. The Chronicler by contrast smooths over these difficulties by emphasizing the historically close relationship between the two tribes.Benjamin D. Giffone sees in this evidence that the JudahBenjamin relationship reflects the sociopolitical situation of late Persian Yehud in which the relatively poor Jerusalem cult struggled to maintain material support from landed nobility in the region. Material evidence shows that the historically Benjaminite regions prospered during the NeoBabylonian and early Persian periods. The Jerusalem cult competed with cultic locations known for their alliances with either Benjamin or Joseph for the support of wealthier landowners. It is within the context of this struggle for support that the Chronicler rewrote Israels narrative partly to garner Benjaminite support. Giffone synthesizes observations that are literary and historical to reveal a literary phenomenon the differing portraits of Benjamin and situate this within the historical context of Persian Yehud. In so doing Giffone offers a new understanding of Yehud during this period and elaborates an important motif in these two sections of the Hebrew Bible.An investigation of the portrayal of Benjamin in Chronicles which envisions how Benjamin can be shown as equal to Judah whilst still protecting the primacy of David as YHWHs chosen ruler.PrefaceList of AbbreviationsAcknowledgementsCh.1: Why Does the Tribe of Benjamin Matter?Part ICh. 2: Laying the Groundword: HistoricalCritical and SocialScientific MethodsCh. 3: Chronicles and the Persian EraCh. 4: The Tribe of Benjamin in History and LiteraturePart IICh. 5: The Tribe of Benjamin in the Deuteronomistic HistoryCh. 6: The Tribe of Benjamin in ChroniclesPart IIICh. 7: The Chroniclers Benjamin in Persian YehudCh. 8: Conclus

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