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Crouch C.l.


Bloomsbury Publishing (UK)


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C.L. Crouch is Lecturer in Hebrew Bible at the University of Nottingham UK.A userfriendly introduction to a difficult biblical bookThorough exploration of the implications of the Greek and Hebrew versions for theological and historical studyEvaluation of Jeremiah in the context of other biblical prophetic textsC. L. Crouch is Associate Professor in Hebrew Bible at the University of Nottingham UK and author of War and Ethics in the Ancient Near East (2009) The Making of Israel (2014) and Israel and the Assyrians (2014) as well as articles on the prophetic books Genesis and Deuteronomy.C. L. Crouch provides a clear and concise introduction to the complex text of Jeremiah. Readers are introduced to the diverse approaches to the book with attention paid to the way that these approaches differ from but also relate to one another. After a brief introduction Crouch addresses the formation of the book especially in relation to its Hebrew and Greek versions: the theological interests of the book and the challenges posed by attempts to link these to an actual man Jeremiah: and the relationship of Jeremiah to other biblical prophets. Crouch focuses clearly on method and on approaches to the text as is the mark of this series. This makes the book especially useful for students in the quest to navigate the diverse body of scholarly literature that surrounds this troublesome biblical book.This guide analyses the central scholarly issues in the literary theological and historical study of the complex prophetic text that is Jeremiah.PrefaceAcknowledgements1. Introduction2. The Book(s) Called Jeremiah3. Setting the Scene4. Approaches5. Approaches in Action6. In()ConclusionsAppendix A: Chapter and Verse in Hebrew and GreekAppendix B: Ancient Near Eastern KingsAppendix C: Events of the Seventh and Sixth Centuries BCEFurther ReadingIndex of Scriptural ReferencesIndex of AuthorsThis book has strong academic credentials but is accessible and well written. Crouch takes the reader through the minefield of modern criticism and interpretative techniques in a thoughtful style.There is much to learn from this little volume. It is clear well organized and informative.This introduction to the book of Jeremiah provides an impressive balance of comprehensive discussion regarding critical issues in the study of the text and a detailed consideration of key passages. With characteristic sophistication and clarity Crouch provides important insights into this intriguing and complex prophetic book and has produced a valuable reference work for students and researchers alike.This slim but substantial volume will be greeted with joy in the classroom. A sure guide through tangled hermeneutical thickets Crouch offers lucid descriptions of Jeremiah material reliable mappings of methodological terrain and refreshing candor about difficult issues. Novices and advanced students alike will benefit from following where Crouch leads.The book of Jere

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