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Ladouceur Paul


Bloomsbury Publishing (UK)


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Paul Ladouceur is Adjunct Professor at the Orthodox School of Theology at Trinity College University of Toronto Canada and Professeur Associę Facultę de Thęologie et de Sciences Religieuses Universitę Laval Canada.Presents an integrated overview of all major theological movements personalities and themes of modern Orthodox theologyThe authors viewpoint is objective: major approaches and themes in Orthodox theology are presented and assessed on their merits rather than from the viewpoint of one or another theological approachAn indispensable textbook for all students and scholars interested in any aspects of modern Orthodox theologyPaul Ladouceur is Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Divinity at Trinity College University of Toronto Canada.Modern Orthodox theology represents a continuity of the Eastern Christian theological tradition stretching back to the early Church and especially to the Ancient Fathers of the Church. This volume considers the full range of modern Orthodox theology. The first chapters of the book offer a chronological study of the development of modern Orthodox theology beginning with a survey of Orthodox theology from the fall of Constantinople in 1453 until the early 19th century. Ladouceur then focuses on theology in imperial Russia the Russian religious renaissance at the beginning of the 20th century and the origins and nature of neopatristic theology as well as the new theology in Greece and Romania and tradition and the restoration of patristic thought. Subsequent chapters examine specific major themes: God and Creation Divinehumanity personhood and human rights The Church of Christ Ecumenical theology and religious diversity The Christification of life Social and Political Theology The NameofGod conflict The ordination of women The volume concludes with assessments of major approaches of modern Orthodox theology and reflections on the current status and future of Orthodox theology. Designed for classroom use the book features: case studies a detailed index a list of recommended readings for each chapterThe first comprehensive textbook of modern Orthodox theology spanning the middle of the 19th century to the beginning of the 21st century.Preface Andrew Louth Professor Emeritus of Durham University UK Foreword and Acknowledgments 1. Prolegomena to Modern Orthodox Theology 2. Theological Encounters with the West: Orthodox Theology from the Fifteenth Century to the Nineteenth Century 3. Theology in Imperial Russia 4. The Russian Religious Renaissance 5. The Origins and Nature of Neopatristic Theology 6. Theology Old and New in Greece 7. Theology in Romania 8. Tradition and the Restoration of Patristic Thought 9. God and Creation 10. DivineHumanity Personhood and Human Rights 11. The Church of Christ 12. Ecumenical Theology and Religious Diversity 13. The Christification of Life 14. Social and Political Theology 15. Onomatodoxy: The NameofGod Conflict 16. The Ordination of Women 17. Lig

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