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Keith Chris


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Chris Keith is Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity and Director of the Centre for the SocialScientific Study of the Bible at St. Marys University College Twickenham UK. He is the author of The Pericope Adulterae the Gospel of John and the Literacy of Jesus a winner of the 2010 John Templeton Award for Theological Promise and Jesus Literacy: Scribal Culture and the Teacher from Galilee. He is also the coeditor of Jesus among Friends and Enemies: A Historical and Literary Introduction to Jesus in the Gospels and was recently named a 2012 Society of Biblical Literature Regional Scholar.Collin Blake Bullard is the senior pastor of First Baptist Church Woodville TX USA.A thorough investigation of a previously neglected theme that runs throughout the Lukan narrativeContributes one more to the list of features which comprise Yahwehs character in the OTInvestigates Lukes Christological reflection on OT passagesCollin Blake Bullard completed his PhD at the University of Cambridge UK. He is the senior pastor of First Baptist Church Woodville TX USA.In the Gospel of Luke the aged Simeon foresees the future opposition which Jesus will face (2.3435) and concludes his ominous oracle with a vivid description of the final outcome of Jesus ministry: so that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed (2.35). Bullard presents an investigation of the narrative and Christological significance of this revelation of thoughts in the ministry of Jesus especially as this revelation is demonstrated and fulfilled in Jesus ability to know the thoughts in the hearts of those whom he encounters throughout the Gospel. Bullard first explores a number of potential literary parallels to Jesus knowledge of thoughts in GrecoRoman and Jewish sources. He then undertakes a narrative and redactioncritical study which spans the Gospel in order to provide a full description of the śrevelation of thoughts in Jesus ministry. What Jesus knows and how he knows it are fundamental features of his identity governing how he relates to others in the narrative. Yet the issue of whether or how Jesus knowledge of thoughts fits into Lukes overall Christological portrait has been given only superficial attention. Bullard offers an account of the Christological significance of Jesus knowledge that makes sense of both its internal narrative development and external literary parallels.An investigation of the narrative and Christological significance of the revelation of thoughtsŁ in the ministry of Jesus.CONTENTSAcknowledgements Abbreviations Introduction: Jesus Knowledge of Thoughts in Luke Chapter 1: Knowledge of Thoughts in Ancient Context Chapter 2: Simeons Oracle (Luke 2.3435) Chapter 3: The Revelation of Thoughts in the Ministry of Jesus Conclusion BibliographyIndexThis book succeeds at advancing our understanding of Lukes portrait of Jesus both in its literary context and in the context of the history

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