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Andrew Mein is Lecturer in Old Testament at the University of Durham UK.Claudia V. Camp is Professor of Religion at Texas Christian University USA and was on the steering committee of the Seminar. She is currently cogeneral editor of the LHBOTS series as well as the author or editor of 4 books and numerous articles.Helps readers to appreciate the significance of female characters in understanding the biblical text overallHelps readers to recognize an intentional literary pattern in the David narrative that contributes to its cohesive framework and primary emphasisCritically evaluates the presentation of the early Israelite monarchy as a means of expressing concerns about the use and abuse of power within hierarchical organizational systems more generally.April D. Westbrook is Professor of Old Testament at Vanguard University California USA.April Westbrook explores the intentional inclusion of woman stories (those displaying significant female presence) within the David narrative in the books of Samuel. These stories are made prominent by the surprisingly high number of their occurrences as well as the sequentially progressive literary pattern in which they occur in the larger narrative. Westbrook shows that the dramatic and detailed accounts within the story repeatedly challenge the reader to consider the experiences of women and their contribution to the purpose of the larger narrative. When viewed collectively these woman stories serve to stir the readers responses in ways which systematically call into question the nature of the monarchy itself as a power systemboth its impact upon the nation and upon the kings who rule. Although King David is often held up as a paragon of virtue the experiences of the women in his life frequently reveal a different side of his character and the reader must wrestle with the resultant ambiguity. In the process the reader must also think deeply about the inevitably negative aspects of hierarchical social structures and why this biblical text is apparently designed to press the reader toward unavoidable and uncomfortable personal confrontation with these realities concerning the use of power within community life.The depiction of the significant female characters in the David narrative reveals a progressively negative view of the early monarchy and the abuses of power that occur within it.CONTENTSPrefaceList of TablesAbbreviationsPart I: PARAMETERS OF THE STUDYChapter 1: INTRODUCTION Chapter 2: WOMAN STORY AS A LITERARY PATTERN IN THE DAVID NARRATIVEPart II: WOMAN STORY AND MONARCHAL POWER ACQUIREDChapter 3: MICHAL: FOR THE LOVE OF A KING Chapter 4: ABIGAIL: SAVE A KINGLOSE A DESTINY (1 Sam. 25:144)Chapter 5: RIZPAH AND MICHAL (SEQUEL): TAKE A WOMANTAKE A KINGDOM (2 Samuel 3:639)Part III: WOMAN STORY AND MONARCHAL POWER POSSESSEDChapter 6: BATHSHEBA: DOMINATION AND THE ABUSE OF POWERChapter 7: TAMAR

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