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Keith Chris


Bloomsbury Publishing (UK)


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Chris Keith is Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity and Director of the Centre for the SocialScientific Study of the Bible at St. Marys University College Twickenham UK. He is the author of The Pericope Adulterae the Gospel of John and the Literacy of Jesus a winner of the 2010 John Templeton Award for Theological Promise and Jesus Literacy: Scribal Culture and the Teacher from Galilee. He is also the coeditor of Jesus among Friends and Enemies: A Historical and Literary Introduction to Jesus in the Gospels and was recently named a 2012 Society of Biblical Literature Regional Scholar.Kristian A. Bendoraitis teaches at Spring Arbor University MI USA.Offers an alternative way of examining angels for a theological understanding of JesusExamines angels in reference to Matthews portrait of Jesus outside of commonly used angelomorphic categoriesOffers a cohesive resource of exegetical examinations of references to angels in MatthewKristian A. Bendoraitis (PhD) is Adjunct Lecturer at Spring Arbor University USA.Angels have been analyzed in Christological research due to their primary function as messengers and mediators between heaven and earth. Their role in the Gospel narratives however has been largely unexplored.Utilizing the Old Testament and sources from the Second Temple period to illustrate the variety of angel traditions Bendoraitis identifies how these traditions are reflected in Matthews Gospel and interprets the passages in which angels appear or are represented resulting in a detailed exegesis of those passages which specifically mention angels. Each reference is critically analyzed in view of its role in the Gospels narrative and in light of Matthews redactional hand. In addition each chapter is accompanied by a discussion of relevant traditions of angels in order to illustrate how Matthews use of angels has facilitated his Gospels message. The examination concludes by postulating three factors in the inclusion of angel traditions in Matthews narrative pertaining both to Matthews Christology and worldview.This book examines Matthews use of angels in his Gospel narrative for advancing his portrait of Jesus and disclosing the apocalyptic cosmology of his worldview.ContentsIntroduction: Angels and Matthew2. The Angel of the Lord and His Message (Matthew 1:182:23)3. Angels at the Temptation (Matthew 4:111)4. Angels at the Judgement (Matthew 13:2430 3643 4750)5. The Son of Man and His Angels (Matthew 16.27)6. The Heavenly Worth of the Little Ones (Matthew 18:10)7. Sadducees and Heavenly Angels (Matthew 22:30)8. Son of Man and the Angels at the Judgement (Matthew 24:3031 24:36 and 25:3146)9. Angels at the Arrest in Gethsemane (Matthew 26:53)10. Angel of the Lord at the Tomb (Matthew 28:210)ConclusionAppendices

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