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Marsh Clive


Bloomsbury Publishing (UK)


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Clive Marsh is Secretary of the Faith and Order Committee and a Local Preacher in the Methodist Church in Britain. He is professionally involved in theological education in church and university settings.Steve Moyise is Visiting Professor at Newman University UK and author of The Old Testament in the Book of Revelation (Sheffield 1995) and The Old Testament in the New (Continuum 2001). He is the series editor of The T&T Clark Approaches to Biblical Studies.Clive Marsh is Director of Lifelong Learning at the University of Leicester UK.Steve Moyise is Professor of New Testament at the University of Chicester UK.This book offers an ideal introduction to the Gospels and explains why it is that scholars and lay people have such different understandings of the person of Jesus. The first half of the book looks at the main sources for the life of Jesus principally the Gospels of Matthew Mark Luke and John but also the socalled apocryphal Gospels. The second half of the book begins with an examination of the criteria employed by scholars to determine the earliest and most reliable forms of the tradition. The third edition interacts with developments in modern scholarship particularly the advance of memory studies. With study questions at the end of each chapter updated reading lists and a new chapter bringing scholarship up to date the third edition of this classic text will provide a perfect companion for students coming to grips with academic study of Jesus and the Gospels.This is one the standard introductions to Jesus and the Gospels. Both engaging and concise this third edition has been revised to maintain the books place as a leading introduction to this crucial topic.1. Introduction 2. Gospel of Mark 3. Gospel of Matthew 4. Gospel of Luke 5. Gospel of John 6. Apocryphal Gospels 7. The Quest for the Historical Jesus 8. Jesus: Prophet of the Coming Kingdom 9. Jesus: Teacher and Sage 10. Political and Ethical Interpretations of Jesus 11. Jesus in Art Media and Culture 12. Conclusion 13. Reflective PostscriptAppendix Further Reading BibliographyThe first edition of this book has already proved its worth to students beginning Gospel study. In this revised and expanded version its authors experienced teachers of Theology and New Testament offer a succinct readable and stimulating introduction. The writers maintain a good balance between more technical aspects of the subject (e.g. Gospel composition and relationships historical Jesus issues) and matters of more general interest.Moyise and Marsh have written a very useful student introduction to key issues in the critical study of Jesus and the Gospels. It does not leap straight in to the quest of the historical Jesus but helpfully surveys the relevant materials and provides valuable summaries of the positions of major scholars. This is a concise readable and appealing invitation to study Jesus and the Gospels.The book clearly explains the issues involved for scholars in studying Jesus and the Gospels w

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