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Tim Labron is Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Concordia University of Edmonton Canada.Bultmann one of the key figures of modern theologyOffers fresh perspectives and new insightsClarifies current confusions in the modern vs. postmodern dichotomyShows the unique character of Bultmann outside traditional exegetical or hermeneutic framworksTim Labron is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Concordia University College of Alberta Canada.The unique character of Rudolf Bultmanns thought has been missed by many traditional studies that cast him in exegetical or hermeneutic frameworks. His methods of source criticism and his concept of demythologizing'have led some to reject his thought in toto others'to'label him as a subjectivist. Tim Labron steps out of such traditional studies by reading Bultmann as a unique scholar and leading to the keys that unlock'the distinct character of Bultmanns thought namely John 114 and the principle of justification by faith.'Bultmann uses them in a'parallel function to burn the traditional subjectobject hierarchies and selfmade foundations'to the ground. Labron shows the implications this had'for theology religious studies and philosophy.A new reading Bultmann as a unique scholar leading to the keys that unlock the distinct character of Bultmanns thought.PART I INTRODUCTION1.Short Biography and Reception of BultmannPART II BULTMANN AND THE LOCK2. Paradigm and Paradox: John 1:143. Flesh or Glory?4. Historie or GeschichtePART III BULTMANNS KEYS RENEWED5. Demythologizing and Justification by Faith6. From Cartesian to AntiCartesian Thought 7. A PostStructural Context8. Wittgensteinian ParallelsPART IV BULTMANN UNLOCKED9. Dissolving Locks and Philosophy10. Implications for Theology and Religious StudiesOnly a few years ago taking a degree in Christian origins or Protestant Christian theology would have included at least some acquaintance with Rudolf Bultmann. But Bultmanns writings like Eliades in the field of comparative religion are now more often criticized or simply ignored. Dr. Labron while not overlooking the problems with Bultmanns work insists here on its perennial value for scholars in general and Christians in particular. He considers Bultmanns key point to be succinctly expressed in his exegesis of John 1:14a underlining the divine as the counterpole to the human and the incarnation as a deep paradox. Labron emphasizes Bultmanns radical independent thought while also lingering on its deep points of similarity with Ludwig Wittgenstein. Bultmanns critique of objective historical researchstated more generally and in Christian terms: the human proclivity to justify oneselfencourages Labron to challenge some of the current assumptions in the academic study of religion by honouring the role of religious observers. Indeed throughout this book Labron seeks to unlock the potential he sees in Bultmann to generate fresh thought and sound Christian theology. This book is a superb test

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