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Ivor J. Davidson is Honorary Professor at the University of Aberdeen UK. He was previously Professor of Theology at the University of Otago New Zealand.John Webster was Professor of Systematic Theology at the University of Aberdeen. His published work includes a number of books on the theology of Karl Barth on the nature and interpretation of Scripture and on Christian dogmatics including Confessing God. He edited The Oxford Handbook to Systematic Theology and is an editor of The International Journal of Systematic Theology. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.Philip G. Ziegler is Chair in Christian Dogmatics at the University of Aberdeen UK.Benjamin Dahlke is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Department of Catholic Theology University of Mainz Germany.Offers unique insights into Barths work and life from a Catholic perspectiveSheds new light on the developments leading up to Vatican IIOf interest to Catholics and Protestants alikeBenjamin Dahlke is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Department of Catholic Theology University of Mainz Germany.Bruce McCormack is Professor of Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary USA.From the 1920s on Karl Barths thought was received with great interest not only by Protestants but also by Catholic theologians who analyzed it in detail. This study outlines how and why this happened especially in the period leading up to Vatican II. Dahlke shows how preoccupation with Barths Epistle to the Romans and Church Dogmatics triggered a theological renewal among Catholic theologians. In addition to Hans Urs von Balthasars critical appropriation of Barths thought the controversy surrounding the issue of analogia entis with Erich Przywara is also dealt with.'A study of' Barths influence on Catholic theology leading up to Vatican II when Catholics studying Barth received stimuli to renew theology and Church life.Introduction1. The Epistle to the Romans: First Reactions to Karl Barth2. AntiModern Modern: The Philosophical Presumptions of Dialectical Theology3. Unity in Faith: The Munster Circle Robert Grosche and the Periodical Catholica 4. Fides quaerens intellectum: Barths Essay on Anselm of Canterbury5. The Invention of the Antichrist? Catholic Reactions to Barths Condemnation of the analogia entis6. Hans Urs von Balthasars Contribution to the Renewal of Catholic Theology7. Balthasars Perception of Barths Line of Thought 8. Balthasars Appropriation of Barths Line of Thought (19481951)9. Balthasars Later Writings on Barths Thought (after 1951) SummaryBibliographyAuthor IndexSubject IndexśBenjamin Dahlkes book concisely tells the previously unknown but nevertheless fascinating story of the intensive dialogue between Karl Barth and a rather varied group of German speaking Catholic colleagues. Parts of Barths most attentive audience it seems came from a field that he himself looked upon with a curious mixture of suspicion disdain and lively interest. Dahlke shows that conversing wi

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