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David Nelson R.


Bloomsbury Publishing (UK)


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R. David Nelson received his PhD from the Aberdeen University UK.R. David Nelson is Senior Acquisitions editor for Baker Academic and Brazos Press and editor of Lutheran Forum USA.Charles Raith II Ph.D. (Ave Maria University USA) is Assistant Professor of Religion and Philosophy and Director of the Paradosis Center for Theology and Scripture at John Brown University USA. Along with numerous journal articles he is author of Aquinas and Calvin on Romans: Gods Justification and Our Participation (2014) and After Merit: John Calvins Theology of Works and Reward (2016).Offers a historical overview as well as constructive analysisSuitable for a range of courses in theologyMore up to date and forward thinking than competing titlesR. David Nelson is Acquisition Editor for Baker Academic and Brazos Press USA.Charles Raith II is Assistant Professor of Religion and Philosophy and Director of the Paradosis Center for Theology and Scripture at John Brown University USA.Ecumenism: A Guide for the Perplexed is a comprehensive introduction to the methods achievements and future prospects of the modern ecumenical movement. The authors begin the volume by charting out a serviceable definition of ecumenism a term that has long been a source of confusion for students of theology and church history. They review the chronology of the modern ecumenical movement and highlight the major events figures accomplishments and impasses. This historical survey is followed by critical examinations of three significant challenges for contemporary ecumenical theology and practice. Along the way the authors provide commentary upon the difficulties and prospects that the ecumenical movement might anticipate as it enters this new millennium.A onevolume introduction to the history of and pressing issues in contemporary ecumenical dialogue.PrefaceCh. 1: Introduction: What is Ecumenism? Toward a Definition of A Perplexing Term Part I: The History of the Modern Ecumenical Movement Ch.2: From Edinburgh 1910 to the World Council of Churches: Early Trajectories of the Modern Ecumenical ImpulseCh. 3: The Great Decade: Ecumenical Advances During the 1960sCh. 4: Conciliar Breakthroughs and the Flowering of the Ecumenical DialoguesCh. 5: The Evangelical Trajectory of Modern EcumenismPart II: Three Ecumenical Challenges for Christianitys Third MillenniumCh. 6: The Problem of Basic DifferencesCh. 7: The Challenge of Ecumenical ReceptionCh. 8: Criticisms of the Modern Ecumenical MovementEpilogueNotes BibliographyIndexNelson and Raith provide an introduction to ecumenism that is positive though not uncritical concise yet thorough scholarly but accessible.It is well designed for use as an introductory textbook for a classroom setting though it could also serve as a standalone book. It is written for and highly recommended for those with a formal theological education but no prior experience in ecumenism.This lucid introduction to the modern ecumenical movement offers an informative and reliable ove

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