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Bloomsbury Publishing (UK)


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Dan R. Stiver is CookDerrick Professor of Theology at Logsdon School of Theology HardinSimmons University in Abilene TX.Explains key ideas in Ricoeurs thought and their relevance for theology.of interest to theologians and philosophers.Dan R. Stiver is CookDerrick Professor of Theology at Logsdon School of Theology HardinSimmons University in Abilene TX.Paul Ricoeur (19132005) has been heralded as one of the most notable philosophers of the twentieth century. Like a stone skipping across the philosophical pond he would write a major work in one field then move on to another. As a consequence he is among the most interdisciplinarian of philosophers whose work not only explores such areas as existentialism phenomenology hermeneutics structuralism psychoanalysis metaphor narrative and political ethics: it also bridges the gulf between Continental and AngloAmerican philosophy. Despite this diversityone can identify continuous threads running through Ricoeurs work that make him a major representative of hermeneutical philosophy developing it much further in a critical direction. One of the areas to which he contributed greatly almost in passing was the philosophy of religion where he made notable contributions in the areas of symbol metaphor and epistemology. Ricoeurs work has been appropriated in theology but often in an indirect way. This book will help the reader grasp the breadth of a complex philosopher indicating the increasing relevance and appropriation of Ricoeurs work in theology.An introduction to the work and thought of Paul Ricoeur from the viewpoint of theology.Preface/Chapter 1: A Hermeneutical Life/Chapter 2: The Context for Theology/Chapter 3: The Framework for Theology/Chapter 4: Figuration and Theology/Chapter 5: The Capable Self and Theology/Chapter 6: Thought and Theology/Chapter 7: Ricoeur and TheologyśDan Stiver has provided an essential resource for both those who want to meet Paul Ricoeur for the first time and those who want to engage again in the depth and texture of their teacher Paul Ricoeur. Joseph A. Edelheit St Cloud State University USADan Stivers book Ricoeur and Theology is indeed thorough and thoughtful.

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