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Howsare Rodney


Bloomsbury Publishing (UK)


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Rodney A. Howsare is Associate Professor of Fundamental'Theology DeSales University Center Valley Pennsylvania'USA.'Many theology students struggle with Balthasar providing a ready market.The series format is particularly helpful in explaining the work of one of the most impenetrable theologians.In Balthasar: A Guide for the Perplexed Rodney Howsare gives the reader a handle on these perplexing aspects of Balthasars thought. In the first chapter he introduces the reader to the man and his unique method of doing theology. He then moves on to explaining the basic structure and nature of Balthasars trilogy: the aesthetics dramatics and logic. He then deals with various theological topics: Jesus Christ The Trinity The Drama of Redemption The Church and Mary and The Last Things. A final chapter summarizes Balthasars place in modern theology and suggests further readings for the interested reader.A concise and helpful guide for students grappling with the main principles of Balthasars thought.Contents Introduction Chapter One: Balthasar: The Man and his Place in 20th Century Theology I. Biographical Sketch: The Early Years II. Biographical Sketch: Important Influences A. Erich Przywara B. Henri de Lubac C. Adrienne von Speyr D. Karl Barth III. Conclusion: The Last Years Chapter Two: Balthasars Method: Background and History I. The Problem of Theological Method II. The History of Theology: Fathers Scholastics and Ourselves A. The Cosmocentric Method: the Fathers B. Scholasticism Thomas Aquinas and the Real Distinction C. The Anthropocentric Turn III. Concluding Remarks Chapter Three: Balthasars Theological Style I. The Meaning and Purpose of MetaAnthropology II. The Role of Philosophy III. The Concretization of the Philosophical Act: The Fourfold Distinction IV. Four Notes on Balthasars Christocentrism V. Preliminary Summary VI. The Trilogy and the Transcendentals A. Aesthetics: The Glory of the Lord B. Dramatics: TheoDrama C. Logic: TheoLogic Chapter Four: Jesus Christ and the Meaning of Scripture I. Theological Aesthetics and the Study of the Bible II. Theological Aesthetics and New Testament Christology III. Concluding Remarks Chapter Five: Jesus Christ and the Drama of Finite and Infinite Freedom I. The Drama of Finite and Infinite Freedom II. TheoDramatic Christology A. Preliminary Considerations B. The New Testament and Christology 1. The Jesus of History and the Christ of Faith 2. Jesus Imminent Expectation of the End 3. Pro Nobis III. Preliminary Conclusions Chapter Six: The Trinity and the Cross I. Introduction: Bringing it all Back Home II. Jesus Christ: His Person Nature and Mission A. Balthasars Starting Point: The Mission of Jesus B. The Person and Nature of Jesus in the Light of his Mission C. Some Preliminary Conclusions: The Implications of the Word III. The Trinity and the Cross IV. Conclusion Chapter Seven: Balthasars Ongoing Role in Theology I. Summary and Conclusion II. Balthasars Place in Theology Today A. Balthasar and Postliberali

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