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Vander Stichele Caroline


Bloomsbury Publishing (UK)


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Caroline Vander Stichele is Universitair Docent in Religious Studies at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.Clarifies major concepts related to feminist and gendercritical analysis.Clearly presented with summaries key points and issues for discussion.Outlines a methodology for gendercritical analysis and demonstrates how to apply it.In this book Vander Stichele and Penner introduce their own gendercritical approach to the New Testament and other early Christian writings. Building on feminist and postcolonial insights they explore the importance of gender in both text and context and discuss the diverse issues involved in interpretation as they relate to gender sex and sexuality. The authors also set out their methodology and highlight the various hermeneutical issues involved such as the complexity of gendered and sexed identities in antiquity and the gap that exists between modern and ancient conceptions thereof. They further illustrate their gendercritical approach with concrete examples from the Acts of the Apostles the letters of Paul and the Acts of Paul and Thecla in order to demonstrate how a gendercritical approach works in practice. As such this book is unique in terms of its range as well as in the explicit methodological focus that is fostered throughout.This new textbook outlines a gendercritical perspective on the New Testament and other early Christian writings.ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSINTERSEXIONSBibliography CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCING A GENDERCRITICAL APPROACHDiscourse and the Social Production of KnowledgeSex Gender and PoliticsColonial Contexts and GenderHistory and DiscourseConcluding Contextual ObservationsBibliographyNotes CHAPTER 2: CONTEXTUALIZING GENDER IN THE GRECOROMAN WORLDDiscourse and the Meaning of SexModels for Understanding SexFrom the Politics of the Body to the Body Politic''''''''''' Physiognomy as Politics of the Body'''''''''''' Gendering Bodies'''''''''''' The Body Politic'''''''''''' Bodies in EmpireBibliographyNotes CHAPTER 3: BOUNDARIES AND BODIES IN EARLY CHRISTIAN DISCOURSECanonical and Conceptual BoundariesCultural BoundariesPolitical BoundariesSocial BoundariesConclusionBibliographyNotes CHAPTER 4: GENDER AND THE MODERN INTERPRETERRace Gender and the Formation of Modern Biblical Scholarship'''''''' The Racializing of Modern Biblical Scholarship'''''''' The Gendering of Modern Biblical ScholarshipGender and Power in the Discipline of Biblical StudiesConclusionBibliographyNotes CHAPTER 5: READING (FOR) GENDERGenderCritical Reading Assumptions and Strategies'Reading (for) Gender and the Worlds of the Text'''''''' The World behind the Text'''''''' The World in the Text'''''''' The World in front of the Text'''''''' SummaryThree Examples of Reading (for) Gender'''''''' 1 Corinthians 11:216'''''''' Acts 18:118''''''''< Acts of Paul and Thecla
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