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Morse Christopher


Bloomsbury Publishing (UK)


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Christopher Morse holds the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Chair in Theology and Ethics at Union Seminary New York and is the author of The Logic of Promise in Moltmanns Theology.This text provides a unique approach to the ódoingóŁ of dogmatics that has proven its usefulness as a textbook since its publication in 1994.While it is designed to provide substantive biblical and historical information from the history of doctrine the focus is upon using this in training students how to apply theological criteria in actually making appraisals of the trustworthiness of Christian claims today rather than in either simply surveying various types of theology and theologians or becoming indoctrinated in one prescribed point of view.It addresses a major lack in many theological texts namely the uncovering of the refusals to believe give credence or trust (faithful disbeliefs) that are entailed in the major faith confessions of ecumenical Christianity.Because of its unique approach and ecumenical breadth this text allows for disparate traditions across the theological spectrum from more selfconsciously conservative to more selfconsciously liberal to engage in its ótesting of the spirits.óŁThis book can be adapted for introductory foundational seminary courses in Systematic Theology and equally for advanced theological courses and has been successfully used in both.Both consideration of theological method including philosophical issues and of theological content are given detailed attention.It forthrightly addresses such areas of disputed doctrines as current church teaching on homosexuality end of the world scenarios and the relation of Jesus Christ to Christianity.To believe in God is not to believe everything. To trust everything without awareness of what is untrustworthy is not genuine faith in God. In a biblical understanding of faith in God then what is the role of the call not to believe every spirit? What disbeliefs does faithfulness require? Are there some things that Christian faith refuses to believe? If so how do we come to recognize what they are? The presence of faithful disbelief in the church Professor Morse suggests gives the churchs teaching and practice its timeliness in every cultural situation. Part One of his book therefore explores the notion of Christian faith as disbelief and how the task of testing the spirits develops and comes to be understood within Christianity as a theological discipline called dogmatics. Part two focuses on uncovering disbeliefs of the Christian faith concerning the Word of God the being of God Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit creation salvation humanity the church and the life to come. Here then is a fresh and timely dogmatic text that will take its place as a standard work on Christian teachings. Professor Morses meticulous scholarship in this book convinces Christians to examine not only what they believe but also to give attention to what they are called to disbelieve. In todays world of turmoil distr

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