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Thorough and updated coverage on all the essential C++ concepts <:p>:Aimed at providing you with a solid foundation in programming with C++ this new edition incorporates programming exercises with helpful self–:check questions that reinforce the concepts discussed throughout the book. Youll benefit from the how–:to sections that show you how concepts are applied and advanced materials are featured on the accompanying Web site when youre ready to take your programming skills to the next level.<:/p>: <:ul>: <:li>:Shows you how to use C++ to your benefit<:/li>: <:li>:Includes advice for avoiding pitfalls<:/li>: <:li>:Incorporates self–:check questions and programming exercises to reinforce what you learn<:/li>: <:li>:Encourages you to take your C++ programming skills to the next level with the advanced material featured on the accompanying Web site<:/li>: <:/ul>: <:p>:<:i>:C++ for Everyone Second Edition<:/i>: is the go–:to guide for getting started with C++!<:/p>:<:b>:C++ for Everyone 2<:sup>:nd<:/sup>: Edition<:/b>: appeals to readers by offering concise thorough and easily palatable coverage of the essential C++ concepts that provides a solid foundation of programming. New supplemental engineering examples will appeal directly to the larger market of engineers.Chapter 1 Introduction. <:p>: Chapter 2 Fundamental Data Types.<:/p>: <:p>: Chapter 3 Decisions.<:/p>: <:p>: Chapter 4 Loops.<:/p>: <:p>: Chapter 5 Functions.<:/p>: <:p>: Chapter 6 Arrays and Vectors.<:/p>: <:p>: Chapter 7 Pointers.<:/p>: <:p>: Chapter 8 Streams.<:/p>: <:p>: Chapter 9 Classes<:/p>: <:p>: Chapter 10 Inheritance.<:/p>: <:p>: The Following Chapters are Available Online Only.<:/p>: <:p>: Chapter 11 Recursion.<:/p>: <:p>: Chapter 12 Sorting and Searching.<:/p>: <:p>: Chapter 13 Lists Stacks and Queues.<:/p>: <:p>: Chapter 14 Sets Maps and Priority Queues.<:/p>:

Data Publikacji: 2011-01-28
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