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<:b>:The latest from the author of the bestselling <:i>:Caffeine for the Creative Mind<:/i>:<:/b>: <:p>:How do you develop solutions that rock? Ones that surpass their initial purpose and grab an industry by its throat turn interested parties into concept evangelists and influence behaviors and alter perceptions? Read <:i>:Chasing the Idea Monster<:/i>: and find out.<:/p>: <:p>:This fun and insightful book sorts out the hallmarks of a monstrous idea by providing the author′:s idea measurement tools in the form of seven primary questions to gauge the potential of any idea. These seven questions are supported by real–:world examples of ideas that succeeded in winning over their audience as well as those that ignored the measurement and failed miserably.<:/p>: <:ul>: <:li>:Features warnings and anecdotes from some of the world′:s most prominent creatives marketing teams and business professionals<:/li>: <:li>:A proven method for determining if an idea will be a big idea or else will die a painful death<:/li>: <:li>:Author is a respected industry expert whose <:i>:Caffeine for the Creative Mind<:/i>: successfully reached an audience both in the creative community and beyond<:/li>: <:/ul>: <:p>:Want to get a better sense of what makes a successful idea and how yours measures up? Start <:i>:Chasing the Idea Monster<:/i>: and scoring big creative wins today!<:/p>:How do you develop solutions that rock? Ones that surpass their initial local purpose and grab an industry by its throat quickly and efficiently turning interested parties into concept evangelists propagating the core message and values of the idea in ways traditional distribution can′:t reach influencing behaviour and alters perceptions.<:b>:This is your idea and it′:s THIS CLOSE to going monster<:/b>: <:p>:This is more than just another big marketing idea this is YOUR big marketing idea. You bore it like a child (didn′:t hurt nearly as much) you nurtured it you held it up against the other ideas its age and said You′:re waaaay prettier than those warthogish–:looking ideas. You KNOW this is a big ideayou can feel it in the tingly parts of your body that you forgot knew how to tingle. This idea you say to yourself (and anyone else within earshot) is a monster idea. So you let it loose into the world sit back and wait for the shrieks and screams to rise like applause. Only there aren′:t any shrieks. No blood–:curdling howls. Not even a sniffled whimper. There was a yawnyou heard that. What happened? Or better yet what didn′:t happen? The idea didn′:t grow monstrous like you thought because it lacked what all monster ideas need: monster parts. There are seven characteristics marketing and advertising ideas need to have the potential of going monster. The more monster pa

Data Publikacji: 2011-02-11
Wymiary: 219 mm 146 mm 350 gr 21.83 mm

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