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D. Giardina Michael


Taylor and Francis

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Youth Cultureand Sport critically interrogates and challenges contemporary articulations of race class gender and sexual relations circulating throughout popular iterations of youth sporting culture in latecapitalism. Written against the backdrop of important changes in social cultural political and economic dynamics taking place in corporate cultures war on kids this exciting new volume marks the first anthology to critically examine the intersection of youth culture and sport in an age of global uncertainty. Bringing together leading scholars from cultural studies gender studies sociology sport studies and related fields chapters range in scope from action sport subcultures and community redevelopment programs to the cultural politics of white masculinity and Nike advertising. It is a must read for anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of the role sport plays in the construction of experiences identities practices and social differences of contemporary youth culture.Introduction: Youth Culture &: Sport in New Millennial Times 1. American Jordan: P.L. A.Y. Consensus and Punishment 2. Midnight Basketball &: the Cultural Politics of Recreation Race &: AtRisk Urban Youth 3. The Popular Racial Order of śUrban America: Sport Identity &: the Politics of Culture 4. White Masculinities and Youth Sport in America 5. It can Get Ugly on the Diamond: Examining White Privilege in Little League Baseball 6. Virtual Playing Fields: Childrens Video Games and the Infantilization of Contemporary Athletes 7. Care of the Young Sporting Self: Race Gender &: Citizenship in Athletic Training Manuals 8. Babes &: Boards: Action Sports Advertising and the Performance of Youthful Identity 9. AllGirls Snowboard Camps: Empowerment through Segregation? 10. Contesting Femininity through Womens Rugby 11. From Babies to Ballers: Feminism Race and Girls Youth Basketball 12. TomBoys TomGrils and Gender Performativity in Youth Sport. Coda: Where Do We GoFrom Here?Giardina (advertising and cultural studies U. of Illinois Urbana Champaign) and Donnelly a doctoral candidate in sociology at McMaster U. in Canada assemble 10 essays that critically examine the cultural aspects of youth and sport challenging contemporary narratives of the topic. Contributors from the US and Canada address the interrelationship of the politics of culture extreme/action sports and cultural branding video games and identity practices among its youth participants and aspects of race regarding African American and indigenous populations. Others consider Little League baseball the politics of whiteness Americas icon of a suburban girl athlete during the Cold War skater girls and gender identity masculinity and skateboarding and snowboarding in Canada and mothers who are athletes. Book News Inc. August 2008Author BiographyMichael D. Giardina Ph.D. is Assistant Professor of Advertising &: Cultural Studies at the University of Illinois UrbanaChampaign. Michele K

Data Publikacji: 2007-11-15
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