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M. Harris Steven


Taylor and Francis

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'P>In the advent of managed care and the continuing decline in reimbursement felt across the various disciplines of mental health have had profound impacts upon the quality and quantity of care in the field. :'/P>'P>As it has become increasingly difficult for a practitioner in private practice to provide a satisfactory level of care while earning a living in the process many clinicians have become more innovative in the services they offer their clients. '/P>'P>This book pulls together a group of mental health professionals who have branched out into new markets and services. :'A Practice that Works :'/represents an anthology of new knowledge in the field as chapter contributors describe in revealing detail their own innovative techniques. : '/P>'P>After first describing the idea behind a strategy such as Wilderness Therapy Programs the editors discuss the logistics of billing issues pertinent to the strategy and provide practical steps to its implementation followthrough and development. Finally each chapter :includes a testimonial from the :editors before considering issues such as any other implications of the strategy how the strategy can fit into ones larger therapeutic model and how this new way of thinking has impacted the authors life and practice. : '/P>'P>This timely book should appeal to professionals in all areas of the mental health fields and is written in a general style that will not turn any of them away from the innovative lessons to be gleaned from such a unique compilation.'Ivey Harris Bean'/ Introduction. 'STRONG>Part I: Educational Systems.'/STRONG> 'Chappell Springer'/ College Advising. 'Tillotson Tillotson'/ Coaching High School and College Students. 'Dersch Rappleyea'/ Exchange Rate: Providing Professional Services for My Childrens Education. 'STRONG>Part II: Medical Systems.'/STRONG>' Bishop Springer'/ Mental Health Professionals Working in the Field of Pain Management. 'Shulman Gillett'/ Enhancing Integrative Health Care Through the Use of Systematic Psychotherapy Rounds in Hospital Settings.' Petro'/ Bariatric Surgery Psychological Evaluations. 'STRONG>Part III: Media Systems. '/STRONG>'Piercy'/ Writing Columns and Features for Newspapers. 'Hargrave McDuff'/ Expanding Your Income and Practice by Writing for the Popular Media. 'STRONG>Part IV: Legal Systems. '/STRONG>'Heitler'/ From Conflict to Resolution: Building a Practice with Referrals from Divorce Lawyers. 'Middleton Bean'/ Accessing a Niche Market: Contracted Employee Assistance Services for Federal Law Enforcement Personnel and their Families. 'Petersen '/Child Focused Mediation. 'Russell'/ Adoption as a Clinical Specialty. 'Wichmann Salisbury Stotler Murphy Stater'/ Domestic Violence Groups for Children and Nonoffending Parents. 'Ivey'/ Forensic Family Therapy: Is the Bridge Too Far? 'STRONG>Part V: Therapeutic Systems.'/STRONG> 'Larson Brimhall'/ Marital Tuneups. 'Zeine'/ Life Coaching. 'DerrigPalumbo'/ Online Therapy: The Marriage

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