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P>No area of the world has been more involved in military matters during the last half century than has the Middle East. The region has seen seven ArabIsraeli wars: three wars involving Iraq and two more in Afghanistan: as well as civil wars in Lebanon Libya Algeria Yemen Syria and among Palestinians: and insurgencies in several other places. Several of these warsmost notably the last one in Iraq and the Afghan onesinvolved direct Western intervention./P>P>In addition however the military has been either the direct ruler of many countries including Turkey among others or the main pillar of the regime. Military coups successful or otherwise took place in Egypt Iraq Syria Libya Algeria and Jordan. Thus the armed forces their equipment demands goals and other seemingly purely military issues have also become prime political determinants of Middle Eastern history./P>P>This new Routledge collection offers a survey of the scholarly work across the range of twentieth and twentyfirstcentury regional history that puts these events together in a systematic context and provides a wide range of views and opinions. Comprehensively covering military history of the past hundred years this title includes such topics as both world wars the TurkishGreek conflicts Arab nationalism the ArabIsraeli conflicts and the post2003 fighting in Iraq.P>Volume I: Formation of the Modern Middle East 190050/P>P>1. Uzi Rabi and Nugzar TerOganov śThe Military of Qajar Iran: The Features of an Irregular Army from the Eighteenth to the Early Twentieth Century I>Iranian Studies/I> 2012 45 3 33354./P>P>2. Bruce Vandervort śTurcoItalian War (19111912) I>The Encyclopedia of War/I>./P>P>3. David Pizzo śGrecoTurkish War 19191922 I>The Encyclopedia of War/I>./P>B>P>Part 1: World War One and the New Regional Order/P>/B>P>4. Eliezer Tauber śRashid Ridas Political Attitudes During World War I I>The Muslim World/I> 1995 LXXXV 12 10721.Ń/P>P>5. Mark Jacobsen śOnly by the Sword: British Counterinsurgency in Iraq 1920 I>Small Wars & Insurgencies/I> 1991 2 2 32363./P>P>6. N. E. BouNacklie śTumult in Syrias Hama in 1925: The Failure of a Revolt I>Journal of Contemporary History/I> 1998 33 2 27390./P>P>7. James S. Corum śThe Myth of Air Control: Reassessing the History I>Aerospace Power Journal/I> Winter 2000 6177./P>B>P>Part 2: World War Two/P>/B>P>8. Michael J. Cohen śFrom Cold to Hot War: Allied Strategic and Military Interests in the Middle East After the Second World War I>Middle Eastern Studies/I> 43 5 2007 72548./P>P>9. James W. Spain śMiddle East Defense: A New Approach I>Middle East Journal/I> 1954 8 3 25166./P>P>10. N. E. BouNacklie śThe 1941 Invasion of Syria and Lebanon: The Role of the Local Paramilitary I>Middle Eastern Studies/I> 1994 30 3 51229./P>P>11. Saul Kelly śA Succession of Crises: SOE in the Middle East 19401945 I>Intelligence and National Security/I> 2005 20 1 12146

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