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This Routledge Companion provides a timely and authoritative overview of crosscultural management as an academic domain and field of practice for academics and students. With contributions from over 60 authors from 20 countries the book is organised in to five thematic areas: Review survey and critiqueLanguage and languages: moving from the periphery to the core Crosscultural management research and educationThe new international business landscape Rethinking a multidisciplinary paradigm.Edited by an international team of scholars and featuring contributions from a range of leading crosscultural management experts this prestigious volume represents the most comprehensive guide to the development and scope of crosscultural management as an academic discipline.Keynote Foreword (Mary Yoko Brannen) Editorial Introduction (Nigel Holden Snejina Michailova and Susanne Tietze)Section 1: Review Survey and Critique1.Introduction (Sonja Sackmann)2.CrossCultural Management Rising (Margaret Phillips and Sonja Sackmann)3.Towards a Complex View of Culture (Fiona Moore)4.CrossCultural Management at a CrossRoads? (Wolfgang Mayrhofer and Katharina PernkopfKonhĄusner)5.The Hofstede Factor (Sierk Ybema and Pl Nyri)6.The Impact of Japan on Western Management (Christina Ahmadjian and Ulrike Schaede)7.CrossCultural Management: Arguing the case for noncultural explanations (Vlad Vaiman and Nigel Holden) 8.Challenges of Working and Conducting Business in Cross Cultures (Mikael Sndergaard and Sonja Sackmann)Section 2: Language and Languages9.Introduction (Terry Mughan) 10.CrossCultural Management and Language Studies Within IB Research (Markus Pudelko AnnWil Harzing and Helen Tenzer)11.Researching Supra and SubNational Contexts (Anders Klitmller Jakob Lauring and Toke Bjerregard) 12.Multicultural and Multilingual (Priscilla Goby and Catherine Nickerson)13.Multilinguaculturing (P. Yanaprasart)14.Translation in CrossCultural Management (Chris Steyaert and Maddy Janssens)15.What BiculturalBilinguals do in Multinational Corporations (Wilhelm BarnerRasmussen)16.Language Diversity in Management Education (Linda Cohen Jane KassisHenderson and Philippe Lecomte)17.LanguageOriented Human Resource Management Practices in Multinational Companies (Vesa Peltokorpi) 18.Company Linguistic Identity and its Metaphorical Dimensions (Magdalena BieleniaGrajewska)Section 3: CrossCultural Management Research and Education19.Introduction (Gavin Jack)20.Bridging Etic and Emic Approaches in CrossCultural Management Research (Jia He and Fons J. R. van de Vijver)21.Beyond Positivism(Ajnesh Prasad)22.Beyond WestCentrism (Alfredo Behrens)23.The Present and Future of CrossCultural Management Education in China (Yunxia Zhu and Zhaohui Wang) 24.The Evolution of a CrossCultural Perspective in Russian Business Education (Sheila M. Puffer Daniel J. McCarthy Anna Gryaznova and Vyacheslav Boltrukevich)25.Intercultural Encounters as Socially Constructed Experiences (Prue Holmes)26.In Search of an Inte

Data Publikacji: 2015-05-06
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