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Robertson Iain


Taylor and Francis

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P>The global art market has recently been valued at close to $50bn a rise of over 60% since the global financial crisis. These figures are driven by demand from China and other emerging markets as well as the growing phenomenon of the artist bypassing dealers as a market force in his/her own right./P>P>This new textbook integrates updates and enhances the popular aspects of two wellregarded texts Understanding International Arts Markets and The Art Business. Topics covered include:/P>UL>LI>Emerging markets in China/LI>LI>East Asian South East Asian Brazilian Russian Islamic and Indian art/LI>LI>Art valuation and investment/LI>LI>Museums and the cultural sector./LI>/UL>P>This revitalized new textbook will continue to be essential reading for students on courses such as arts management arts marketing arts business cultural economics the sociology of arts and cultural policy.P>STRONG>Part I: Technical and Structural Mechanisms/STRONG> 2. The Structure of Art Commodity Markets B>/B>3. Art Religion History and Money B>/B>4. Legal and Ethical Issues B>Part II: The Markets for Art /B>5. The Modern and Impressionist Market: The politics of successB> /B>6. International Contemporary Art: An art world explanation of its value 7. Chinese Taste for Chinese ArtB> /B>8. Old Masters: A gradual change in valuesB> Part III: External Factors /B>9. Art Valuation and InvestmentB> /B>10. The Public Cultural Domain: The state museums and the built environmentB> /B>11. The Evolution of Craft into ArtP>STRONG>This in depth analysis of the international art market is a must read for students and experienced participants wishing to gain a greater understanding of the complex workings of this world and the key ideas and forces that drive it. The chapter on chinese art is particularly fresh and incisive. I strongly recommend this book./STRONG> Robert Bradlow Senior Director and Head of Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art Sothebys London UK/P>P>STRONG>In claiming that the international art market reflects us Iain Robertson holds up a mirror every bit as beguiling as Oscar Wildes The Picture of Dorian Gray/. In doing so he proves his own worth as a witty but surefooted guide./STRONG> Alistair Hicks Author of The Global Art Compass. New Directions in 21st Century Art/ (2014). /P>P>STRONG>Iain Robertson takes a deep dive into the international art market in an account that is both impressive in its depth and breadth. He explains the processes by which art is created and valued within the socioeconomic context of postwar consumerist society with a painstakingly curated choice of art and artists from around the world and across the centuries. This is a mustread for anyone involved in the art trade as well as the casual reader curious about how a single painting can be valued at more than $250 million./STRONG> Sundaram Tagore Owner of the Sundaram Tagore Galleries USA/P>P>STRONG>With the art markets of the world colliding growing and changing at an unprecedented speed Iain

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