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Jiao Liwei


Taylor and Francis

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'P>'500 Common Chinese Idioms'/ is the ideal tool for all intermediate to advanced learners of Chinese. Based on large corpora of authentic language data it presents the 500 most commonly used Chinese idioms or chengyu along with a variety of synonyms antonyms and the most common structures enabling the reader to make educated guesses about the meanings of hundreds of unfamiliar idioms.'/P>'P>'/P>'P>Key features include:'/P>'P>'/P>'UL>'P>'LI>the idiom in both simplified and traditional characters'/LI>'P>'/P>'P>'LI>a literal English translation and English equivalents'/LI>'P>'/P>'P>'LI>two suitable example sentences plus explanations and usage notes'/LI>'P>'/P>'P>'LI>a Pinyin index and stroke order index.'/LI>'P>'/P>'/UL>'P>'/P>'P>This practical dictionary is suitable both for class use and independent study and will be of interest to students and teachers of Chinese alike.'/P>'P>'P>1. Introduction : 2. Technical Terms Employed in the Dictionary. : 3. Dictionary: Entries :Arranged According to Frequency : 4. Appendices : Appendix A: Phonetic Index of the 500 HighestFrequency Idioms : Appendix B: Stroke Index of the 500 HighestFrequency Idioms : Appendix C: Frequency Chart of the First 1000 Idioms According to The Peoples Daily Newspaper Corpus : Appendix D: Common Idioms :not :Included in the Body of the Dictionary. : Appendix E: Additional References and Websites for Chinese Idioms'P>The authors have done a magnificent job explaining this important dimension in the use of Chinese. Learners will appreciate the care they have taken to ensure that the material is maximally relevant and clear. The dictionary will be an invaluable aid to both comprehension and production. 'Professor David Crystal'/'/P>'P>Grounded in corpus research this dictionary has a number of laudable features: with focused attention on learner usage entries are clearly analyzed exemplified and contextualized. 'Zhengsheng Zhang San >: Diego State University USA'/'/P>'P>500 Common Chinese Idioms ispossibly the first lexicographical work that thoroughly and consistently lists the Chinese characters 'pinyin'/ and English translation for entries and example sentences. This feature makes it more complete and considerate than most Chinese idiom dictionaries and turns it into a learnerfriendly textbook.students will appreciate the authors copious examplesReaders will find the wellwritten allusions to be an enjoyable experience as if they were reading a literary piece of work....(This is) an indispensable reference for readers..As a frequency dictionary 500 Chinese Common Idioms presents a beautiful marriage between a dictionary and a textbook (It is) a quality resource in any Chinese learner and teacher

Data Publikacji: 2010-11-24
Wymiary: 246 mm 174 mm 589.67 gr

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