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Jing Zhen


Taylor and Francis

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Chinese Insurance Contracts: Law and Practice is the first systematic text written in English on the law of insurance in China. This book offers a critical analysis of the major principles doctrines and concepts of insurance contract law in China. At every point the analysis discusses the principles of the Insurance Law in detail referring where appropriate to decided cases and also drawing attention to external influences. Readers are guided through the complexities of Chinese law in a clear and comprehensive fashion and significantly in a manner that is accessible and meaningful for those used to a common law system.This book presents a comprehensive picture of Chinese insurance contract law to facilitate a wider understanding of the relevant rules of law. Elements of insurance contract law are critically examined. In addition this book presents rules of law on some special types of insurance contract such as life insurance property insurance liability insurance motor vehicle insurance reinsurance and marine insurance. The deficiencies and shortcomings of the law and practice will be identified and analysed: suggestions and recommendations on how to reform the law will be presented. Chinese Insurance Contracts also offers legal and practical advice to insurance professionals on how to draft clauses to avoid contractual pitfalls. It also uses cases to illustrate the difficulties which can arise in applying the principles in practice.This book will be essential reading for insurance companies and legal practitioners looking to do business in China as well as reference for Chinese lawyers practising insurance law. It will also be a useful resource for students and academics studying Chinese law.Chapter 1. Introduction to Insurance and Chinas Insurance industry Chapter 2. Chinese Legal System and the Insurance Law Chapter 3. The Regulation of Insurance Chapter 4. Formation of an Insurance Contract Chapter 5. Terms of Insurance Contracts and Construction Chapter 6. Premiums Chapter 7. Insurable Interest Chapter 8. The Insureds Duty of Disclosure and Representations Chapter 9. The Insurers Precontractual Duty of Good Faith Chapter 10. Increase of Risk during the Insurance Period Chapter 11. Double Insurance and Contribution Chapter 12. Causation Chapter 13. Risk Prevention and Loss Mitigation Chapter 14. The Making of a Claim Chapter 15. Settlement of Claims Chapter 16. Fraudulent Claims Chapter 17. Subrogation Chapter 18. Modification and Rescission of Insurance Contracts Chapter 19. Property Insurance Chapter 20. Life and Accident Insurance Chapter 21. Liability Insurance Chapter 22. Motor Vehicle Insurance Chapter 23. Reinsurance Chapter 24. Marine InsuranceDr Zhen Jing is a lecturer at Bangor University. She has practical experience in the Chinese insurance industry.

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