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P>Why study air cargo? Consider that this sector moves only 2% of the global volume of goods but a huge 35% by value reserved for the most costly and timesensitive products. Air logistics is an economically and strategically important industry and a rich source of opportunity for graduating students and logistics or SCM professionals. /P>P>/P>P>Get a head start in this vital part of your business with this comprehensive and lively overview. Its the only book available to focus on the role of air freight in the global supply chain. It includes a brief history: the functions of the various players in the industry (forwarders airlines airports government agencies): regulations and restrictions: terrorism management. It details the benefits of air transport and weighs them against its considerable environmental impact to explore the question of its sustainability. Finally it considers the future of the industry in a dynamic and increasingly globalised world. /P>P>/P>P>Enriched throughout with real life case studies and contributions from global industry experts this is a groundlevel introduction with a practical approach: all the student or professional will need to get ahead in air logistics!P>1. The Air Freight Supply Chain : 2. The Viability of Choosing Air Freight : 3. A Brief History of the Air Freight Industry : 4. Airports The Vital Connection : 5. Groung Handling The Link : 6. Perishable Supply Chain : 7. Animals by Air : 8. Security : 9. The Charter Broker : 10. Air Freight to the Rescue : 11. Aircraft Freighters and Passengers : 12. :Heavy Lift Air Transport : 13. :Express and Mail : 14. Technology in Air Freight : 15. Environment : 16. Crime in Air Freight : 17. Careers in Air Freight :P>STRONG>The development of aviation has had a profound influence on global economies and commerce. Air freight plays a vital role in world trade but is relatively unknown. The :Air Logistics Handbook/ :explains chapter by chapter in clear and simple terms how why and where air freight works examining its different components and looking at possible future trends. A useful guide for students and industry newcomers./STRONG>/P>P>Chris Foylewas Chairman & MD of Air Foyle Chairman & Joint CEO of Air Foyle Heavylift. He :was President Chairman & CEO of TIACA and Chairman of British Cargo Airline Alliance :and Chairman of the Air League/P>P>STRONG>Very little has been written up to now on air cargo logistics although it is a global fast growing and dynamic industry. Michael Saless has done a splendid job in filling this gap by providing an indispensable handbook for air logistics for both professionals and students. In a very ordered concise and comprehensive manner he informs the reader on all the developments in the air logistics industry and he provides insights on the functioning of the industry by reinforcing each chapter by real case studies./STRONG>/P>P>Profess

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