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'P>'STRONG>Rock Fragmentation by Blasting'/STRONG> contains the papers presented at the 10th International Symposium on Rock Fragmentation by Blasting (New Delhi India 2629 November 2012) and represents the most advanced forum on blasting science and technology. The contributions cover all major recent advancements in blasting and fragmentation from realistic treatment of the target rock: modelling measurement and prediction of blast results: control of blastinduced damage to special blast designs applicable to civil construction and demolition projects. '/P>'P>The latest developments on environmental issues associated with blasting operations such as vibrations flyrock and dust are also included. :'STRONG>Rock Fragmentation by Blasting '/STRONG>provides the stateoftheart in explosives and blasting engineering and will be a valuable source of information for researchers and practitioners involved in these areas.'P>Foreword 'Organising Institution 'Committees 'Sponsors '/P>'P>'STRONG>'Section 1 Keynotes'/'/STRONG>'/P>'P>Lessons from singlehole blasting in mortar concrete and rocks 'F. Ouchterlony &: P. Moser'/P>'P>Frontiers and challenges in numerical simulation of the blasting process using the combined finite discrete element method 'A. Munjiza V. Divic &: B. Mohanty'/P>'P>Innovations in blast measurement: Reinventing the past 'A.T. Spathis'/P>'P>Status of characterization of strength and fracture properties of rocks under dynamic loading 'K. Xia'/P>'P>''STRONG>'Section 2 Rock Mass Characterisation and Fragmentation'/'/STRONG>'/P>'P>Crack formation in rocks due to action of cemented carbide bits 'C. Nariseti B. Mohanty &: M. Keskiniva'/P>'P>On the branchingmerging mechanism during dynamic crack growth as a major source of fines in rock blasting 'F. Ouchterlony &: P. Moser'/P>'P>Applied method integrating rock mass in blast design 'A.C. Sauvage'/P>'P>Limits blast design: Controlling vibration gas pressure &: fragmentation 'C.K. McKenzie'/P>'P>Blast optimisation through computer modelling of fragmentation heave and damage 'P.C. DareBryan S. Mansfield &: J. Schoeman'/P>'P>Use radar reflectivity as possibility for measurements of fragmentation during the blasting 'C. Drebenstedt &: J. Ortuta'/P>'P>Influence of initiation point position on fragmentation by blasting in iron ore 'Y. Long M.S. Zhong Q.M. Xie X.H. Li K.J. Song &: K. Liao'/P>'P>Fragmentation in production rounds and mill throughput in the Aitik copper mine a summary of development projects 20022009 'F. Ouchterlony P. Bergman &: U. Nyberg'/P>'P>Drilling and blasting technics by underground magnesite mining at Slovakia 'V. Bauer'/P>'P>A new tool for homogenization of jointed rock masses using wave propagation analysis 'H. Gasmi S. Yahyaoui &: E. Hamdi'/P>'P>SPH procedures for failure analysis of circular rock disk under distributed arc loading 'D. Deb &: R. Pramanik'/P>'P>''STRONG>'Section 3 Blast Design'/'/STRONG>'/P>'P>Quantification of the effec

Data Publikacji: 2012-11-05
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