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Since the publication of the first edition considerable progress has been made in the development and application of active noise control (ANC) systems particularly in the propeller aircraft and automotive industries. Treating the active control of both sound and vibration in a unified way this second edition of Active Control of Noise and Vibration continues to combine coverage of fundamental principles with the most recent theoretical and practical developments.Whats New in This EditionRevised expanded and updated information in every chapterAdvances in feedforward control algorithms DSP hardware and applicationsPractical application examples of active control of noise propagating in ductsThe use of a sound intensity cost function model reference control sensing radiation modes modal filtering and a comparison of the effectiveness of various sensing strategiesNew material on feedback control of sound transmission into enclosed spacesNew material on model uncertainty experimental determination of the system model optimization of the truncated model collocated actuators and sensors biologically inspired control and a discussion of centralised versus decentralised controlA completely revised chapter on control system implementationNew material on parametric array loudspeakers turbulence filtering and virtual sensingMore material on smart structures electrorheological fluids and magnetorheological fluidsIntegrating the related disciplines of active noise control and active vibration control this comprehensive twovolume set explains how to design and implement successful active control systems in practice. It also details the pitfalls one must avoid to ensure a reliable and stable system.Volume IBackgroundIntroduction and Potential Applications Overview of Active Control Systems References Foundations of Acoustics and Vibration Acoustic Wave Equation Structural Mechanics Fundamentals Vibration of Continuous Systems Structural Sound Radiation Sound Propagation and Greens Functions Impedance and Intensity References Spectral Analysis Digital Filtering Discrete Fourier Analysis Signal Types Convolution Important Frequency Domain Functions References Modal Analysis Introduction Modal Analysis: Analytical Modal Analysis: Experimental Modal Amplitude Determination from System Response Measurements References Modern Control Review Introduction System Arrangements StateSpace System Models for Feedback Control Discrete Time System Models for Feedback Control Frequency Domain Analysis of Poles Zeroes and System Response Controllability and Observability Control Law Design via Pole Placement Optimal Control Observer Design Random Processes Revisited Optimal Observers: Kalman Filter Combined Control Law/Observer: Compensator DesignAdaptive Feedback Control References Feedforward Control System Design Introduction What Does Feedforward Control Do? Fixed Characteristic Feedforward Control SystemsWaveform Synthesis NonRecursive (FIR) Deterministic Gradient D

Data Publikacji: 2012-11-30
Wymiary: 254 mm 178 mm 3175.15 gr

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