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G. Mahnken Thomas


Taylor and Francis

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'P>This volume provides a collection of insightful essays on all phases of the Iraq War: both USled major combat operations to defeat the Baathist regime as well as efforts to reconstruct the country and defeat the insurgency. '/P>'P>Written by leading scholars on the Iraq War many of whom have practical firsthand experience of the war the book includes a Conclusion by leading US strategic thinker Eliot Cohen. This is the first work on the Iraq War to incorporate an understanding of the Iraqi side of the war based on a systematic analysis of captured Iraqi archives. '/P>'P>'War in Iraq'/ will be of great interest to students of the Iraq War small wars and insurgencies international security and strategic studies in general.'P>Introduction 'Thomas A. Keaney and Thomas G. Mahnken : '/'STRONG>Part 1: Defeating the Regime and Occupying Iraq : '/STRONG>1. American Anabasis: The United States Armys Entry into War in Iraq :'Isaiah Wilson : '/2. Iraqi Military Effectiveness :'Kevin M. Woods with Michael R. Pease Mark E. Stout Williamson Murray and James G. Lacey : '/3. The Afghan Model in Northern Iraq :'Richard Andres : '/4. Deep Attack against Iraq: Precision Weapon Cyber Attack and the Future of War :'Richard Andres : '/5. Doomed Execution: Iraq and its War Plan :'Kevin M. Woods with Michael R. Pease Mark E. Stout Williamson Murray and James G. Lacey : '/6. Mission Not Accomplished: :What Went Wrong with Iraqi Reconstruction :'Nora Bensahel : '/'STRONG>Part 2: Reconstructing Iraq and Countering the Insurgency : '/STRONG>7. Origins Causes and Evolution of the Iraqi Insurgency 200306 :'Ahmed Hashim : '/8. Signaling Resolve and the First Battle of Fallujah :'Carter Malkasian : '/9. Counterinsurgency in Iraq The Karbala Model 'Peter R. Mansoor : '/10. Extinguishing the Insurgency in Iraq: A Civil Affairs Perspective :'John Ballard : '/11. The U.S. Army and Counterinsurgency in Iraq :'Kalev I. Sepp : '/12. :Rediscovering the Way of Lawrence Some Thoughts on Postmodern Planning :'Isaiah Wilson. : '/Conclusion: The Iraq War in Context 'Eliot A. Cohen'/

Data Publikacji: 2009-06-26
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