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P>Especially since the end of the Cold War research on and around the international relations of Asia has grown exponentially and to make sense of what is now a vast and unwieldly corpus of scholarly literature this new fourvolume collection from Routledges Critical Issues in Modern Politics series brings together the best and most influential work in the field.It is destined to be valued by scholars students and researchers of Asian international relations politics history and current affairs as a vital resource.P>Volume I. International Relations Theory and ASEAN/P>P>Part 1. Studying Southeast Asia/P>P>1. Donald K. Emmerson śSoutheast Asia: Whats in a Name? Journal of Southeast Asian Studies/ 1984 15 1 121./P>P>2. Tim Huxley śSoutheast Asia in the Study of International Relations: The Rise and Decline of a Region Pacific Review/ 1996 9 2 199228./P>P>3. David Martin Jones and Michael L. R. Smith śIs There a Sovietology of SouthEast Asian Studies? International Affairs/ 2001 77 4 84365./P>P>4. Alan Chong śSoutheast Asia: Theory Between Modernization and Tradition International Relations of the AsiaPacific/ 2007 7 3 391438./P>P>Part 2. Explaining ASEAN: Competing/Congruent Theories/P>P>5. Michael Leifer ASEANs Search for Regional Order/ (National University of Singapore 1987)./P>P>6. Donald K. Emmerson śASEAN as an International Regime Journal of International Affairs/ 1987 4 4 116./P>P>7. Sheldon W. Simon śRealism and Neoliberalism: International Relations Theory and Southeast Asian Security Pacific Review/ 1995 8 1 524./P>P>8. Amitav Acharya śRealism Institutionalism and the Asian Financial Crisis Contemporary Southeast Asia/ 1999 21 1 129./P>P>9. Nikolas Busse śConstructivism and Southeast Asian Security Pacific Review/ 1999 12 1 3960./P>P>10. Jrgen Haacke śASEANs Diplomatic and Security Culture: A Constructivist Assessment International Relations of the AsiaPacific/ 2003 3 1 5787./P>P>11. Shaun Narine śThe English School and ASEAN Pacific Review/ 2006 19 2 199218./P>P>Part 3. Is ASEAN a Security Community?/P>P>12. Amitav Acharya śA Regional Security Community in Southeast Asia? Journal of Strategic Studies/ 1995 18 3 175200./P>P>13. David Martin Jones and Michael L. R. Smith śASEANs Imitation Community Orbis/ 2002 46 1 93109./P>P>14. Nicholas Khoo śDeconstructing the ASEAN Security Community: A Review Essay International Relations of the AsiaPacific/ 2004 4 1 3546./P>P>Part 4. Rationalism vs. Constructivism/P>P>15. Sorpong Peou śRealism and Constructivism in Southeast Asian Security Studies Today: A Review Essay Pacific Review/ 2002 15 1 11938./P>P>16. Sarah Eaton and Richard Stubbs śIs ASEAN Powerful? NeoRealist Versus Constructivist Approaches to Power in Southeast Asia Pacific Review/ 2006 19 2 13555./P>P>17. See Seng Tan śRescuing Constructivism from the Constructivists: A Critical Reading of Constructi

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