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101 Coaching Strategies and Techniques provides focused practical strategies to help the coach with their work. Each point provides a detailed explanation of the strategy together with potential pitfalls and solutions.Contributors from a range of coaching backgrounds are brought together to cover a number of issues faced by professional coaches including:confidence building developing specific skills and strategies group coaching problem solving and creativity self awareness the stuck client.101 Coaching Strategies and Techniques will be a handy reference tool for busy coaches: the bitesized strategies will also provide a useful guide for those in training.Part I:Confidence Building. Dickers A Strengths and Skills Exercise. Dunbar Achieving an Outcome by Exploring Metaphors. Swinburne Acting Positively in Difficult Situations. Swinburne Building General Confidence and SelfEsteem. McGeever Celebration and Reward. McMahon Coping Imagery. Dunbar Creating a Stronger Feeling of Confidence (Or Any Other Positive Feeling or Resource) Using Clean Language. Melrose Hold up A Mirror and The Client will Do The Rest. Shola Arewa Moving Beyond Comfort Zones. McGeever Power Music. McMahon Rescue Remedy Breathing Exercise. McMahon The StandBack Strategy. McMahon The StepUp Technique. Warner Transition to a New Level of Responsibility. OConnor Unblocking Resistance or Fear. Part II:Developing as a Coach. Archer Adding to the Data Feelings. Cusack Bringing Yourself into the Room. Melrose Help your Client to Learn for Themselves Not Doing The Work Yourself. Cooper Managing and Maximizing Relationship with a Third Party Sponsor. Stevens Managing Yourself During a Coaching Session. McGeever PreCoaching Ritual. Campbell Redefining the Meaning of Feedback and Creating a Unique Feedback Pattern. Cusack Rusty or Out of Practice. Melrose Sometimes Coping is as Good as It Gets. Shola Arewa ThreePart Breathing Exercise. Part III: Developing Specific Skills and Strategies. Hicks Attitude Awareness Impact and Influencing. Warner Building a High Performing Team. Stevens Coaching for Confidence in Delivering Presentations. Hicks Confidence Building with Body Language. Hicks Creating an Impact at Work Appearance. McGeever Decisions by Intuition. Campbell Enriching a Leaders Influencing Style Through a Deepening Understanding of Their Impact on Others. Swinburne Handling Poor Performance / Unacceptable Behaviour. Hicks Impact Voice. Grimley MultiLevel Modeling. HogbinMills Success Role Modeling. GorceBourge The Frame Game. Grimley The Swish Model. McMahon Time Projection Imagery. Part IV:Focusing on the Future.Dunbar Action Planning. Hogbin Mills Career Choice. HogbinMills Career Visioning. Champion Future Vision. Grimley New Behaviour Generator. Dickers Visualizing Future Goals. Part V: Group Coaching. Adams Box Process. Adams Disruptive Thinking / Disruptive Marketing. Adams Issue Processing. Archer Leading As A Team. Adams More / Less / Stop. Adams Unlocking C

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