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Schema Therapy combines proven cognitive behavioral therapy techniques with elements of interpersonal experiential and psychodynamic therapies in order to help people with longterm mental health problems including personality disorders and chronic depression. Schema Therapy suggests that many negative cognitive conditions are based on past experiences and therefore provides models for challenging and modifying negative thoughts and behaviors in order to provoke change.In this book Eshkol Rafaeli David P.Bernstein and Jeffrey Young pioneers of the Schema Therapy approach indicate the 30 distinctive features of Schema Therapy and how the method fits into the broader CBT spectrum.Divided into two parts Theoretical Points and Practical Points this book provides a concise introduction for those new to the technique as well as a discussion of how it differs from the other cognitive behavioral therapies for those experienced in the field.Part I: Theoretical Points. Universal Core Emotional Needs. Early Maladaptive Schema Development as a Consequence of Unmet Needs. A Taxonomy of Early Maladaptive Schemas. Coping Styles and Responses. Coping Styles: Surrender Responses. Coping Styles: Avoidance Responses. Coping Styles: Overcompensation Responses. Schema Modes as States (The State vs. Trait Distinction). The Wounded Core: Vulnerable Child Mode. Angry and Impulsive Child Modes. Maladaptive Coping Modes. Internalized Parental Modes. Healthy Modes: Healthy Adult Contented Child. Limited Reparenting. Empathic Confrontation. Part II: Practical Points. The Assessment Process: Focused Life History Interview Schema Inventories and Selfmonitoring. The Assessment Process: Guided Imagery. The Assessment Process: Insession Behaviours and the Therapy Relationship. Educating the Patient About the Schema and Mode Models and Using the Schema Case Conceptualization Form. Toolbox 1: Relational Techniques. Toolbox 2: Cognitive Techniques. Toolbox 3: Emotionfocused Techniques. Toolbox 4: Behavioral Pattern Breaking. Mode Dialogues and Imagery. Specific Points for Working with Borderline Personality Disorder. Specific Points for Working with Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Antisocial Personality Disorder.Specific Points for Working with Couples. Interplay Between Schema Therapy for Axis II and CBT for Axis I. The Therapeutic Relationship: Limited Reparenting. Therapists Own Schemas.This book provides an excellent overview of schema therapy and covers all the key areas of new development in schema therapy with authority and brevity. George Lockwood Director Schema Therapy Institute Midwest USAEshkol Rafaeli is a Clinical Psychologist specializing in both cognitive behavioral therapy and Schema Therapy and is Associate Professor at BarIlan University.David P. Bernstein is a Clinical Psychologist and a Cognitive and Schema Therapist an is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Psychology at Maastricht University The Netherlands. Jeffrey Young is the Founder and

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