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P>Winnicotts description of doing something else or working as a psychoanalyst when not engaged in the actual analysis of his patients resonates with the child psychotherapist today. Individual psychotherapy is certainly a valuable part of the work but much of the time the CPT is doing something appropriate to the occasion. Some of this time is spent in assessment work for therapy for the multiprofessional team and for other agencies and some in consultation to colleagues and other professional staff or in a combination of the two./P>P>Drawing from the Independent tradition in psychoanalysis Through Assessment to Consultation/ explores the application of psychoanalytic thinking to this daily work reflecting on what is actually done and why. Contributors to the three sections śAssessment śOverlaps śConsultation and Beyond provide a variety of clinical illustrations as they describe a range of approaches and settings in the tasks of both assessment and consultation ranging from the light impact of the analysts presence in the grief of post9/11 New York to the call to political potency of śbeyond consultation./P>P>This book will help both new and experienced Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists reexamine their role and function in the team and in the outside world and will also be of interest to specialist health workers educational psychologists and those wanting to explore more Winnicottian approaches to therapeutic work./P>P>P>Horne Lanyado/ Introduction: śAppropriate to the Occasion. STRONG>Part I: Assessment./STRONG> Walker/ Every Assessment Matters: The Child Psychotherapists Role in Assessment in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Settings. Dowling/ Thinking Aloud: A Child Psychotherapist Assessing Families for Court. Parsons Horne/ Anxiety Projection and the Quest for Magic Fixes: When One is Asked to Assess Risk. :AlfillęCook/ Peculiarities and Problems in Assessing Adolescents. STRONG>Part II: Overlaps./STRONG> Onions/ Infant Mental Health: A Conversation with Dilys Daws. Gibbs/ Reflections on Race and Culture in Therapeutic Consultation and Assessment. Hamilton/ Death in the Family: Post 9/11 at Pier 94 Manhattan. Horne/ From Intimacy to Acting Out: Assessment and Consultation about a Dangerous Child. :STRONG>Part III: Consultation and Beyond./STRONG> Robson/ Consultation to an Under 5s Service. Lanyado/ The Impact of Listening on the Listener: Consultation to the Helping Professions who Work with Sexually Abused Young People. Vastardis/ śYou are Paid to be a Nuisance: Tensions in the Role of a Clinicianmanager. Wilson/ Beyond Consultation: Towards YoungMinds.P>This book is a welcome addition to the clinical accounts of analytic work with children young people and their families. The understanding provided here is a timely reminder that working indirectly to help frontline staff reflect is essential if good objective decision making is to underpin the complex situations c

Data Publikacji: 2009-05-06
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