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Hipshon David


Taylor and Francis

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P>Despite reigning for only a relatively short period of time Richard III is one of Englands most controversial monarchs. His life and rule has inspired a huge amount of literature not least Shakespeares great play and controversy still surrounds his seizure of the throne in 1485 the mystery of the disappearance of the Princes in the Tower and his defeat and death at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485./P>P>This new biography takes a nuanced view both of Richard IIIs reign and of the controversies surrounding it exploring them in the wider context of the period. Defining Richards character as central to the analysis of his actions David Hipshon emphasises the need to separate the man himself from the caricature that has so often been painted. /P>P>Incorporating new research and previously unpublished material this book is a mustread for all those interested both in Richard III as king and in the development of the English monarchy and society at the end of the medieval era and the beginning of the early modern period.P>Introduction : 1. The Son of York: 1452 1461 : 2. Duke of Gloucester: 1461 1469 : 3. Duke of Gloucester: 1469 1471 : 4. Lord of the North: 1471 1483 : 5. The Usurpation: 1483 : 6. The Reign 1: Buckinghams Rebellion 1483 1484 : 7. The Reign 2: Governing the Realm: 1483 1485 : 8. The Reign 3: The Politics of Kingship : ConclusionP>STRONG>...this will I think now become the biography of choice on Richard and justifiably so./STRONG> Richard Brown The Historical Association//P>P>STRONG>Many writers aspire to be impartial but at every twist and turn of Richards story traditionalists twist the dagger. This does not happen here. Hipshon rejects Charles Ross view that he was a child of his time but treats Richard as a human being. /STRONG> Wendy Moorhen The Ricardian//P>P>STRONG>This new biography is a commendable addition to the studies of King Richard. The author is not intentionally a partisan in the Ricardian debate but rather moves steadily through Richards life explaining in considerable detail the context of events and the basis for conclusions reached ... :The final chapter on Richards posthumous reputation provides good insight into centuries of disagreement about King Richard ... Recommended./STRONG> CHOICE//P>P>STRONG>The book is written in an accessible style and...delivers a moderate depiction of the king neither exonerating or vilifying him. /STRONG>James Ross The Historian//P>P> :P>David Hipshon is Assistant Head at St James Independent School in Ashford Surrey. He has published articles in the Journal of Ecclesiastical History/ BBC History/ and History Review/ and gives many public lectures on Medieval themes.

Data Publikacji: 2010-11-15
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