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Baldacchino Godfrey


Taylor and Francis

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'P>Territories like American Samoa Anguilla Aruba Bermuda British Virgin Islands Cayman Islands Cook Islands and the Faroes are 'subnational island jurisdictions'/ (SNIJs). They all share some measure of autonomous government and are easily construed as independent statesinwaiting. Yet most of these territories exhibit no urgency to become independent. Instead they appear to have decided that there are political and economic benefits accruing today when island territories are autonomous but not sovereign. In an uncertain world a substantial degree of autonomy respect and protection for local culture and identity reasonable provision of employment opportunities welfare and security by a larger and benign metropolitan state have collectively weakened most local thrusts for independence. In spite of the mandate of the United Nations Committee on Decolonisation there is a strong case to be made today for nonsovereignty and it is the SNIJs that provide clear evidence.''P>1. Exploring SubNational Island Jurisdictions Godfrey Baldacchino and David Milne'/P>'P>2. Island Jurisdictions in Comparative Constitutional Perspective Ronald L. Watts'/P>'P>3. The Advantages of Political Affiliation: Dependent &: Independent Small Island Profiles Jerome L. McElroy and Kara B. Pearce'/P>'P>4. In or Out: SubNational Island Jurisdictions and the Antechamber of Paradiplomacy Barry Bartmann'/P>'P>5. Island Disaster Paradiplomacy in the Commonwealth Ilan Kelman Megan Davies Tom Mitchell Iain Orr and Bob Conrich'/P>'P>6. Isolation as disability and resource: considering subnational island status in the constitution of the śNew Tasmania Elaine Stratford'/P>'P>7. Unitary State Devolution Autonomy Secession: State Building and Nation Building in Bougainville Papua New Guinea Yash P Ghai and Anthony J. Regan'/P>'P>8. Dependence and Autonomy in SubNational Island Jurisdictions: The Case of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Gert Oostindie'/P>'P>9. The Rise and Fall of SubNational Island Jurisdictions: The Cases of San Andręs y Providencia and the Galpagos Islands Sandy Kerr'/P>'P>10. śWe are not ready: Colonialism or Autonomy in Tokelau John Connell'STRONG>Godfrey Baldacchino'/STRONG> is an international authority on Island Studies and the second Canada Research Chair at University of Prince Edward Island Canada.

Data Publikacji: 2008-08-29
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