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STRONG>Trü:bners Oriental Series/STRONG> was set up by Kegan Paul Trench & Trü:bner in 1890. It was undoubtedly the most important English language series in oriental studies of the period publishing works between 1890 and 1930. The books in the series reflected the scholarly interests of the time and covered an enormous variety of topics pertaining to Asia Africa and the Middle East: language and literatures: religion and philosophy: history and economics to name but a few. Studies by wellknown scholars include Romesh Chunder Dutt on the economic history of India Emil Bretschneider on the Chinese sources of Asian geography Donald Campbell on Arabian medicine and William MacGovern on Buddhist philosophy. There are also insights into the early studies of Fengshui Hindu mythology and natural history. Many of the titles in the original series have long been out of print. Routledge are thrilled to be reissuing 102 volumes from the original series. The volumes are available as an entire set as individual volumes and also as minisets covering: Africa the Ancient Near East Arabic history and culture Buddhism China Indian history literature religion and philosophy Islam Japan Persia and Southeast Asia.MiniSets:A: Africa: 3 Volumes: [0415242835] B: Ancient Near East: 6 Volumes: [0415242843]C: Arabic History and Culture: 6 Volumes: [0415242851]D: Buddhism: 16 Volumes: [041524286X]E: China: 5 Volumes: [0415242878]F: India: History Economy and Society: 11 Volumes: [0415242886]G: India: Language and Literature: 14 Volumes: [0415242894]H: India: Religion and Philosophy: 10 Volumes: [0415242916]I: Islam: 8 Volumes: [0415242924]J: Japan: 3 Volumes: [0415242932]K: Persia: 13 Volumes: [0415242940]L: Southeast Asia: 7 Volumes: [0415242959]

Data Publikacji: 2007-03-31

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