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Academic interest in Mao Zedongs role in the Chinese Revolution remains intense as scholars and commentators continue to analyze his thinking and the history of the movement for clues about the Chinese model and its supposedly unique features. The debate about Maos career and influence is now enlivened by the consequences of the dramatic turn by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) away from the radical socialism he is said to represent and its granting of a far greater role to the market though without shedding much of its political power.Collections of primary sources on Mao Zedong and CCP history written by the communists themselves are readily available but informed scholarship is indispensable to explain these sources and to put them in proper perspective. What were Maos objectives? Were they consistent? In what ways did Mao manipulate the CCP and the state to his own political ends? To what extent did his political vision dominate Chinese politics in the revolutionary years and after 1949? And where is Chinese communism now headed?This new major work will help to identify some of the answers. Bringing together the best scholarship reportage and other materials the collection includes the following:scholarly studies by Westerners on Maos life and work including wideranging studies of Maos political career as a wholepsychological studiesstudies on his role in the urban years the rural period the Japanese War the Civil War the 1950s the deepening of the revolution under the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution and the final yearsspecialist essays on his views on topics such as philosophy literature economics and the Soviet Unionstudies on his interpretation of Marxismassessments of his role in the Chinese Revolution by Soviet China watchers.Comprehensively indexed and with an introduction newly written by the editor a leading expert in the field Mao Zedong and the Chinese Revolution is a vital reference resource for all scholars and students of Chinese communism.@text: Volume I: Policies and Strategies 191949Part 1: Mao the Peasants and the Workers1. Stuart R. Schram śMao Tsetung and Secret Societies China Quarterly no. 27 (July 1966) pp. 113.2. Philip C. C. Huang śMao Tsetung and the Middle Peasants 19251928 Modern China vol. 1 no. 3 (July 1975) pp. 27196.3. Nick Knight śMao Zedong and the Peasants: Class and Power in the Formation of a Revolutionary Strategy China Report Vol. 40 No. 1 (2004) pp. 4976.4. Lynda Shaffer śMao Zedong and the October 1922 Changsha Construction Workers Strike: Marxism in Preindustrial China Modern China vol. 4 no. 4 (Oct. 1978) pp. 379418.Part 2: Peoples War5. Francis F. Fuller śMao Tsetung: Military Thinker Military Affairs vol. 22 no. 3 (Autumn 1958) pp. 13945.6. Stuart R. Schram śOn the Nature of Mao Tsetungs Deviation in 1927 China Quarterly no. 18 (Apr. 1964) pp. 5566.7. John Morgan Dederer śMaking Bricks Without Straw: Nathana

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