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'P>Trade unions in Europe are currently facing a series of challenges that stem from changes to regulatory and production regimes implemented by the state and employers in order to compete in an increasingly internationalized economy. In response to these challenges trade union movements have been dramatically restructuring: longstanding principles of organization have been jettisoned in an attempt to develop new structures. Central to this process of structural adaptation are the mergers of trade unions.'/P>'P>This informative book focuses on the merger process in Britain and Germany and uniquely it reviews the wider implications of these developments particularly for North America. As well as addressing the reasons for mergers the book also examines the process whereby mergers are concluded investigates the consequences and analyses the costs and benefits of the postmerger organisation. Drawing on interviews conducted with senior policymakers engaged in merger processes this book explores the extent of internal union reform brought about by the merger process and also identifies the implications of this reform for trade unions worldwide. Structured in distinct sections this book covers topic such as:'/P>'UL>'LI>what distinguishes the British and German systems? :'/LI>'LI>trade union structures :'/LI>'LI>premerger issues :settling the terms of the mergers :'/LI>'LI>postmerger developments.'/LI>'/UL>'P>This book forms part of the 'Routledge Research in Employment Relations '/series featuring works of high academic merit drawn from a wide range of academic studies in the social sciences. It is a valuable resource for postgraduate students studying business and management industrial employee relations and trade unions.List of Figures. : List of Tables. : List of Abbreviations. : Terms of Union. : Government and Activity.  :Preface. : Part 1: Introducing the Themes : Part 2: What Distinguishes the British and German Systems? : Part 3: Locating our Cases : Part 4: PreMerger Membership and Financial Trends : Part 5: PreMerger Debates and Positioning : Part 6: Settling the Terms of the Mergers : Part 7: PostMerger Developments  :Part 8: Conclusion. References

Data Publikacji: 2005-05-19
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