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Traditionally linguistic research has focused on the IndoEuropean language family particularly English and languages like Japanese and Chinese have not been pursued in theoretical developments. However once scholars started to pay more attention to Japanese its similarities to and differences from IndoEuropean languages not only revealed a great deal of typological variation but also helped to provide a more accurate picture of the fundamental properties of human language. For the past four decades linguistic research on the Japanese language has made remarkable progress contributing to the intellectual and scientific exploration of the linguistic and cognitive sciences synchronic and diachronic sociocultural developments and to the humanities more generally. This threevolume collection compiled of published articles that are considered seminal in the development of Japanese linguistic research represents a variety of formal and functional approaches to a broad range of areas of linguistics. The collection also includes articles from journals and chapters taken from monographs and edited volumes.CONTENTS (final)Volume I: phonology and morphology1. Beckman M. (1986) Segmental duration and the śmora in Japanese Phonetica 39 11335.2. Ito J. and A. Mester (1986) The phonology of voicing in Japanese: theoretical consequences for morphological accessibility Linguistic Inquiry 17 4973.3. Kubozono H. (1989) The mora and syllable structure in Japanese: evidence from speech errors Language and Speech 32:3 24978.4. Mester A. and J. Ito (1989) Feature predictability and underspecification: palatal prosody in Japanese mimetics Language 65 25893.5. Haraguchi S. (1991) A Theory of Stress and Accent Foris. [Introduction and Chapter 1 127.]6. Poser W. (1990) Evidence for foot structure in Japanese Language 66 78105.7. Ito J. and A. Mester (1995) Japanese phonology in Goldsmith (ed.) The Handbook of Phonological Theory Blackwell 817836.8. Ota M. (1998) Minimality constraints and the prosodic structure of child Japanese Japanese/Korean Linguistics 8 331344.9. Uehara S. (1998) Syntactic Categories in Japanese: A Cognitive and Typological Introduction Kurosio. [Chapter 2: Formal aspects of categories in Japanese 3395.]10. Sells P. (1995) Korean and Japanese morphology from a lexical perspective Linguistic Inquiry 26.2 277325.11. Hamano S. (1998) The SoundSymbolic System of Japanese CSLI. [Chapter 2: An overview of the soundsymbolic system 1143.]12. Sugioka Y. (1986) Interaction of Derivational Morphology and Syntax in Japanese and English Garland. [Chapter 4: Phrasal suffixes I 153189.]13. Shibatani M. and T. Kageyama (1988) Word formation in a modular theory of grammar: postsyntactic compounds in Japanese Language 64 45184.14. Kageyama T. (1999) Word formation in Tsujimura N. (ed.) The Handbook of Japanese Linguistics Blackwell 297325.15. Hagiwara H. T. Ito Y. Sugioka M. Kawamura and J. Shiota (1999) Neurolinguistic evidence for rulebased nominal suffixation

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