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Moghissi Haideh


Taylor and Francis

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This threevolume interdisciplinary collection :is of use not only in Middle East studies but also in various other disciplines including womens studies political science religion cultural studies sociology of gender and anthropology.'The collection offers the most influential writings in the field by both renowned scholars as well as those by the new generation of scholars of Islam and gender and includes a wide variety of cases from Middle Eastern and Islamic societies. By including casebased articles the collection highlights the clear links between concepts and theories and actual practices.'Titles also available in this series include 'Shamanism'/ (March 2004 3 volumes 395) and the forthcoming titles 'Childhood'/ (2005 4 volumes c.495) 'Gender'/ (2005 4 volumes c.495) and 'Knowledge'/ (2005 4 volumes c.495).'STRONG>Volume I'/STRONG> : 1.'STRONG> '/STRONG> :Imagining Muslim Women : 2. Muslim Laws and Traditions'Part Three: Law of God and Law of State: New Policies Old Realities''STRONG>Volume II'/STRONG> : 1. Women Sexuality and Sexual Politics in Islamic Cultures : 2. :Family Education and Health : 3. Women and Paid work and Cultural Conflict : 4. Arts and Literature 'STRONG>Volume III'/STRONG> : 1. Stretching the Limits: Womens Struggle for Change in the : :2. Womens Movement in Muslim Cultures : 3. Perceiving and practicing Islamic Values in Diaspora'

Data Publikacji: 2004-09-30
Wymiary: 234 mm 156 mm 1564.89 gr

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