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'P>'Advanced Applications in Acoustics Noise and Vibration'/ provides comprehensive and uptodate overviews of knowledge applications and research activities in a range of topics that are of current interest in the practice of engineering acoustics and vibration technology. The thirteen chapters are grouped into four parts: signal processing acoustic modelling environmental and industrial acoustics and vibration.'/P>'P>Following on from its companion volume 'Fundamentals of Noise and Vibration '/this book :is based partly on material covered in a selection of elective modules in the second semester of the Masters programme in Sound and Vibration Studies of the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research at the University of Southampton UK and partly on material presented in the annual ISVR short course Advanced Course in Acoustics Noise and Vibration.'STRONG>Part 1: Signal Processing '/STRONG> :1. Signal Processing Techniques : 'STRONG>Part 2: Acoustic Modelling'/STRONG> : 2. Numerical Methods in Acoustics  :3. Source Identification and Location  :4. Modelling of Sound Propagation in the Ocean  :'STRONG>Part 3: Environmental and Industrial Acoustics '/STRONG> :5. Environmental Noise Management  :6. Vehicle Noise  :7. Aircraft Noise  :8. Active Noise Control  :'STRONG>Part 4: Vibration :'/STRONG> 9. Mobility and Impedance Methods in Strucutral Dynamics  :10. Finite Element Techniques for Structural Vibration  :11. High Frequency Structural Vibration  :12. Vibration Control  :13. Vibration Measurement Techniques Unsing Laser Technology: Laser Virometry and TV HolographyFrank Fahy is Emeritus Professor of Engineering Acoustics in the ISVR which he joined at its inception in 1963. He has a wide spectrum of interests in acoustics and vibration ranging from Statistical Energy Analysis to sound intensity measurement. He is a recipient of the Tyndall Silver and Rayleigh Gold Medals of the Institute of Acoustics and is an Honorary Fellow of the IOA. He has written three widely read text books most recently Foundations of Engineering Acoustics published in 2000 and was joint editor with John Walker of 'Fundamentals of Noise and Vibration'/. ''John Walker is a Visiting Senior Lecturer in the ISVR. His research activities have been centred on environmental noise research with a particular interest in transportation noise issues. He was deeply involved in establishing environmental noise standards for railway noise exposure. He has authored or coauthored over 50 scientific papers as well as coediting 'Fundamentals of Acoustics'/ with Frank Fahy.

Data Publikacji: 2004-07-08
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