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Responding to recent historical analyses of PostReformation English Catholicism the essays in this collection by both literary scholars and historians focus on polemical devotional political and literary texts that dramatize the conflicts between contextsensitive Catholic and antiCatholic discourses in early modern England. They foreground some major literary authors and canonical texts but also examine noncanonical literature as well as other writings that embody ideological fantasies connecting the political and religious discourses of the time with their literaryList of Illustrations Notes on Contributors Preface Acknowledgements Alienating Catholics in Early Modern England: Recusant Women Jesuits and Ideological Fantasies: A.F.Marotti Robert Persons and the Writers Mission: R.Corthell Parasitic Geographies: Manifesting Catholic Identity in Early Modern England: J.Yates The Myth of AntiCatholicism in Early Stuart England: A. Milton Out of her Ashes May a Second Phoenix Rise: James I and the Legacy of Elizabethan AntiCatholicism: J. Watkins Whats in a Name?: A Papists Perception of Puritanism and Conformity in the Early Seventeenth Century: M.Questier and S.Healy Multiple Conversion and the Menippean Self: the Case of Richard Carpenter: A.Shell Miltons Paradise of Fools: Ecclesiastical Satire in Paradise Lost : J.N.King The Wretched Subject the Whole Town Talks of: Representing Elizabeth Cellier (London 1680):RONALD CORTHELL Associate Professor of English at Kent State UniversityFRANCIS DOLAN Associate Professor of English Miami University of OhioSIMON HEALY Research Fellow at The History of Parliament Trust. JOHN N. KING Professor of English Ohio State UniversityANTHONY MILTON teaches in the Department of History at The University of SheffieldMICHAEL QUESTIER currently at the Westminster Diocesan ArchiveALISON SHELL teaches English at the University of DurhamJOHN WATKINS Associate Professor of English at the University of MinnesotaJULIAN YATES Assistant Professor of English at The Univer

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