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H. Wauer Roland


University of Texas Press

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Roland H. Wauer of Victoria Texas enjoyed a 32year career as a National Park Service interpreter biologist and Chief of Resource Management. His previous University of Texas Press books are The American Robin A Birders West Indies: An IslandbyIsland Tour Birds of the Northwestern National Parks: A Birders Perspective and For All Seasons: A Big Bend Journal.''The West Indies offer so much more than sun sand and shopping. This sweeping arc of islands which runs from Cuba to Grenada and includes the Virgin Islands teems with a rich diversity of plant and animal life. Up to 40 percent of the plants in some forests are found nowhere else on earth while the West Indian flyway is a critical link in the migratory routes of many birds.'/'''In 'cite'A Birders West Indies'/cite' Roland Wauer takes you on an islandbyisland journey of discovery. He describes the unique natural features of each island and recounts his often fascinating experiences in seeking out the nearly 400 species of birds known in the West Indies. His accounts give insight into the birds habitats status and ecology and record some of the threats posed by human activities.'/'''For readers planning trips to the West Indies Wauer also includes helpful uptodate facts about the best times to travel the kinds of entry and customs systems to expect the money exchange services available and general information about weather food and accommodations. Filling a unique niche among current guides 'cite'A Birders West Indies'/cite' offers both professional ornithologists and avocational bird watchers a chance to compare notes and experiences with an expert observer. And for readers who havent yet visited the islands Wauers fluid prose and lovely color photographs will be the nextbest thing to being thereand an irresistible invitation to go.'/''ul' 'l'Foreword by Bradford C. Northrup'/l' 'l'Acknowledgments'/l' 'l'Introduction'/l' 'l'1. Jamaica the Most Endemics'/l' 'l'2. Cuba Island of Contradictions'/l' 'l'3. Dominican Republic Land of Contrasts'/l' 'l'4. Puerto Rico North Americas Only Tropical Forest'/l' 'l'5. Tortola Island of Doves'/l' 'l'6. St. John and St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands'/l' 'l'7. St. Croix U.S. Virgin Islands'/l' 'l'8. Saba an Island Time Forgot'/l' 'l'9. Anguilla Tranquillity Wrapped in Blue'/l' 'l'10. St. Martin a Northeastern Gateway'/l' 'l'11.. Antigua Island in the Sun'/l' 'l'12. Montserrat the Emerald Isle'/l' 'l'13. Guadeloupe a Green Land with Beautiful Waters'/l' 'l'14. Dominica the Nature Island'/l' 'l'15. Martinique Island of Flowers'/l' 'l'16. St. Lucia Island ofMystery'/l' 'l'17. St. Vincent Poor but Wealthy'/l' 'l'18. Grenada the Isle of Spice'/l' 'l'Afterword by Paul Butler'/l' 'l'Appendix. Common and Scientific Plant Names'/l' 'l'References'/l' 'l'Index'/l''/ul'

Data Publikacji: 1996-01-01
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